Friday, August 3, 2012

portrait, education och facebook

MYEP, This is a portrait portraying myself posing for the portrait.

Youll have to forgive the dreary looking face, the messy unwashed hair, and the strikingly bland looking composition. The reference photo was taken in the middle of the night, and I finished drawing just as the sun rose. I feel that theres something quite sensational to drawing in the middle of the night. I mean, it just sort of works, and I believe it is under these circumstances I do my art best. 

Henceforth, social science.
Scientifically proven, humans have different cycles, reoccurring daily, weekly, or even by the cycle of the moon, if youre that kind of person. These cycles dictate hormonal balances, psychological states of mind, etc., and these biological states are what define you, in that moment. Not saying you change from one person into another. Well, not entirely at least. Ill give you an example; One thing that is a quite important question within education today is, that some people are not simply meant to learn things in the morning, and have stronger learning potential in the evening. This is an important question because it is one of the major faults that are found within the educational model we have today, which is highly collective. Its an old system, a bad system. Its bad because it tells you to be creative, interested, enthusiastic and effective, from 8 in the morning until 2-3 o clock in the evening, be hungry at 11, cool down with 15 minutes of recess at one hour intervals. Im sorry, but thats not how humans work. The "modern" school system is in fact more like an industrial facility that pumps out schooled children annually, rather than the educational springboard its supposed to be. 

This analogy brings me to another, even bigger fundamental fault within our educational system, namely the fact that it expects all children at age 7, 5, or even younger, depending on what country they reside in, to be ready to partake in efficient learning. From the day they start first grade, theyre supposed to be ready to learn how to read, write, calculate, socialize in a group, whatever we do in school. Well jesus, do I have to explain why thats simply fucking retarded? Sure, we will still learn, but some children are simply not meant to be learning about multiplication at the tender age of 8, and will experience extreme difficulties. The system is fundamentally flawed because it puts us in school based on our age, which is a diffuse concept, irrelevant to maturity, simply a numeric value, most often written on paper. What the school should do, is put us in school based on when we are actually ready to go to school. 

If youre not mature enough to go to school when youre 7, then youre simply wasting your own and your teachers' precious time, because what may take you a year to learn when youre 7, might take 2 days when youre 9, and finally ready to go to learn these things, and that is why he should enter school when hes 9, not 7. A group of other children, 5 years old, may have no problem in learning the same thing, just as efficiently as the 9 year old. And thats not because the struggling older child is stupid, it simply stems in the fact of everyone being unique, and that we all grow at different rates. Who knows, the 9 year old late bloomer might turn out to be doubly as successful as the 5 year olds, whose only advantage was academically maturing at an earlier age. 

Bad grades? It might not mean youre a bad student, it might simply mean you are ill fit to learn at the time of the day that the school expects you to learn. Only you can be the judge of that, im sure we all recognize these cycles im talking about. They might be however mundane, maybe you simply have to eat dinner at no later than 6, or youll be starvingly hungry, completely regardless of if you had a big, fat snack at 4 or not. Or, as in my case, you simply feel more creative in the middle of the night. 

I believe I first heard about this watching some videos on the youtube channel named theRSAorg. For those of you who consider yourselves avid listeners to good science, I suggest you tune in. Moving on.


Above, you see the aforementioned dreary face of the reference photo. Yes, I take my reference photos posing in front of the mirror in my bathroom, come at me, bro.

Ill admit I traced the outlines, using an overlaying layer over the photo in OpenCanvas, so I didnt exactly just accidentally happen to get the proportions just precisely right, just because awesome, or something. But after I had the outlines finished, the photo was only used as an approximate guide as to where the highlights go. Some might say tracing defeats the point of being a creative artist, but doesnt not tracing defeat the point of photorealism, as it renders the art not realistic?

Anyhow- Swedish.
Ja, ja har en blogg, och har skrivit längre än ett halvår nu, kanske helt utan eran vetskap ;) Nu ses länken i inlägget jag skapat på facebook, för första gången. Eller nästan, iaf. Bara en person hittade smyglänken som fanns i en av mina bilder som lades upp på facebook i mitten av mars. Ja höll bloggen undangömd helt enkelt för att se hur många som skulle hitta bloggen utan att jag delat den, av er mina vänner, men även av övriga internetanvändare. Lite småmysigt att ha nästan helt anonym blogg, kan ja säga, men härmed är bloggen alltså offentlig. Ja kommer däremot inte dela mitt varje inlägg på facebook, och jag kommer inte heller skriva nytt inlägg varje dag, ty det är en helt annan sorts blogg. Här skriver jag när de faller mig in, inte regelbundet, men förhoppningsvis oftare än 1 inlägg per vecka, och ja skriver mest om konst, och ofta om annat som jag tycker är intressant. Och ja, många av mina inlägg är över 500, till och med 1000 ord långa, på engelska. Alltid på engelska. Läs om ni vill. Ingen tvång för någon.



  1. Awesome, va opp ti halv 3 igår natt å läst hela... (liite ti jär)

    1. Strålande :D Du lär vara enda personen som ha läst genom hela :D

  2. Reading through your old posts, I do believe I found the one you were referring to while we took a walk due to school a while ago (cycles, nighttime people and such).

    It's interesting to see how much I can relate to this blog of yours, in almost every single entry, while still gaining something new at the same time. It is a shame that most of your older entries are hidden in the deep abyss of the internet for most people; they deserve to be read much more often and by more people!

    Now... I should practice for the math test we have tomorrow, but I really don't feel like it at all, I'd rather read on, on this blog.


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