Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hamburgers and height


Yeah. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a hamburger. Ill admit, I may have gotten lazy over the last few months, and yes, this was really the only thing I could come up with for the entry I was supposed to write for today. And for future reference, yes, I may be on the verge of starvation. But I will tell you that there is something very special about this very hamburger, which you may decipher by reading on.

Its not the first time I draw a hamburger, im afraid. It has happened before. I have absolutely no idea why I would do such a thing, as draw hamburgers. I mean, this one doesnt even have any fucking filling, what the hell is wrong with me? :c Its a hard life, living on your own, making your own food, washing your own clothes, etc.. Then again, If I did not dread the taste of hamburger by now, I could eat them every single day of my life, if I chose to do so.

Do you know why women in history have found taller men more attractive? No? Well, there are a few theories. One I find particularly interesting, because it sort of serves as a paralell to how a modern woman can sometimes be depicted in the media. A golddigger, that is. No, not a mine worker, the ones that marry richer men. Height correlates to wealth, health, and living conditions. This is why women prefer marrying taller men, because it might mean they will marry into a life of wealth, health, and good living conditions. Marriage with a short man might be considered a bad idea because in the past, shortness has been a sign of maltnutrition.

What im saying is; In the past a tall man was instantly considered above a shorter man, if you excuse my terrible pun, because it may have meant he lived under better conditions. This sticking with society since then, could partly explain why tall height is considered a virtue in modern society too. Now, im not calling every woman out there a golddigger, but these are evalutations and associations that you make up subconciously, and you might not even notice it, but you will like tall men better than short men.

In the modern world though, its very diminishing. We dont think like this anymore. Everyone sleeps well enough, and no one is starving. Living conditions, in the modern countries, are very high. This mating phenomenon is not as strong today as it has been in the past.

Other theories are, for example, how the tall man was better equipped to protect and feed his woman, and that stems back to nomadic times, where everyone was a hunter, and tall men were naturally better predators. Right now, I would ask you to scroll back up and look at my hamburger. I dearly hope my experiment has worked. Pretty neat, if so. If nothing has happened, check back when youve read the rest of the text. Anyway, all these theories are of course backseat to the general preference of particular women. Some women like short men, and would marry them regardless of wealth. Some women might hate short men for completely different reasons. Some women may be completely indifferent regarding height.

Anyhow, women dont directly think like these theories claim anymore, but its still might be a part of why you find tall men more attractive. Think about that, next time youre oogling that handsome tall dude. You might like him only because you see an illusion which makes you think hes wealthier than the short men.

Quite an interesting read, I think. Might just be me, though. As a disclaimer for any women who feel offended, this is only a theory. You dont actually work like this, this is simply what someone has thought you think like. Some of you might think what ive been saying is complete bullshit, and im okay with that, youre not forced to believe anything I say. But I will reference a scientific study, which confirms a lot of what ive been saying.

For the record, im a pretty short guy.


EDIT: reading through, it sort of seems like i meant that they still prefer marrying taller men because they might be richer than short men, but what i meant is that they used to do that in history, and it has sort of left a mark on womens preferences today.


  1. When I scrolled up I was like "How the hell could I have missed THAT!?!?" Then I accidentally pressed the pic and realized it was a GIF.
    You sneaky bastard...

    1. Bwahaha, isnt that clever? :D I believe I first saw it a couple years ago on some completely arbitrary site, where it was perfectly executed and had many very subtle stages, which made you unsure about whether it changed at all or if it was in fact many completely different photos. Cant recall what the site was called, though.


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