Thursday, August 23, 2012

boredom, shaggy and whining

If boredom was a disease, I would be terminally ill. Theres simply nothing to do. Even worse, ive fallen into a pit of uninsipration, and the little sliver of creativity I have left (Stored in my left pinky) is mercilessly blasted onto notebooks in school, during outrageously boring classes. In all desperation, I might even scan some of the notebook pages for the blog, just because I cant seem to accomplish anything drawing here at home. 

So yah. I forced myself into finishing this amazingly dull picture of this shaggy old dude, just because. I really seem to have nothing else to show you guys at this time. This dude actually looks alot like my old physics teacher... He had hair just like this. Greasy, thick and weirdly shaped. Anyhow, below are a few snapshots from the painting process, just like in my earliest blog entries. 

What a brilliantly attractive smile. Eyes are wildly unproportionate, though. Another thing I need to practise (It feels like the words "need" and "practise" have been worryingly abundant in the last few entries ._.)  is drawing expressions. I have no idea how to draw a person who genuinely looks happy, sad, angry, whatever. Even though it is a big part of drawing portraits, as I often do, I seem to have quite overlooked it in the past, and just drawn weirdly super-neutral faces. Bad, bad me. 

Ive been promising myself for some time now that I will read up on facial anatomy and musculature, but it hasnt just happened, even though it is vitally important! The face is made up of hundreds small muscle-groups, and I think learning where they are and which ones contract in for example smiling would be a relatively easy way to learn how to draw realistic expressions. It would also be really useful when drawing caricuatures, which I havent really done much in the past, but would like to start practising. It would be important because caricatures are all about playing with proportions, and this includes exaggerating for example human facial musculature, which I cant actually do properly without knowing where which muscles go.

Its just another thing I wish they taught us in school. Man, the art program has actually been a little bit of a disappointment. We dont learn anything about composition, lighting effects, anatomy, structuring, etc, all those classic artistic fundamentals you read about in books, which are all vital to becoming a successful artist. I think the past year ive learnt far more watching youtube videos about people talking about drawing, than ive learnt in this year in the art programme, in which ive accomplished nothing. All we do, day out and day in, is draw stuff. Just mindless drawing. We are expected to get better, but we would improve at the same rate just sitting at home drawing by ourselves. 

This whole thing just becomes nothing else than a huge waste of time. Im not saying I will quite the art programme, im just warning future generations, if youre interested in art, dont go för Vasa Övningsskola art programme. What do we get here? We get an art dimploma. Wtf do i do with that? It has nothing to do with how good an artist I am, all I need to do to get it is to finish one piece of art, as my art exam. Mneh, not going to whine anymore about that, I knew that was going to be useless at the moment I applied for the programme.

I was going to write a short text about the brushes I use, but as my rant grew so long, I think ill just spare that for some other time. Good night, fellow imagineers. Next time, I promise to write about something less whiny and more awesome.


  1. "Man, the art program has actually been a little bit of a disappointment."

    håller me! .__.


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