Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trajan, Jesus and Batman etc.

Ugh, I feel obligated to write something. I mean, I dont have anything better to do, I havent written for some time, and people keep checking back, and I feel bad for not updating fast enough. But LOTR is on TV... So  viewable... Which actually reminds me of something I can blog about! Namely Trajan.


Do you see it yet? All of the titles above use variations of one single typeface; Trajan, The movie font. Its overwhelmingly the most popular font for movie titles. Not only there, youll also find it in videogame covers, e.g. like most wording in the Assassins Creed franchise, and advertisement for Trojan Condoms... A rather amusing connection, if I may say so myself.

Technically, it a very basic font. Lower-case letters look the same as upper-case, just smaller, and the shape is very old fashioned. Sans-style, discreetely simple. (And you better be looking up the difference between discrete and discreet right now, because they are not one and the same.) A term commonly used when describing fonts is Serif. There are mainly 2 types of fonts, Sans-serif, and serif. Sans is french for "Without", and serifs are frills, or such, at the edges of the letters. This is Helvetica, a popular sans-serif font. And This is Georgia, a serif typeface. Note the differences in the 2 capital Ts.

So there you go. I hope youre now ready and able to analyze and categorize fonts and typefaces accordingly. Perhaps not the most useful info, but hey, if thats what youre after, you might as well go read a fucking book. No? I thought so.

^this guy knows his fonts.

Anyhow, I picked up my little brothers old markers and drew this guy. Ive just been drawing a lot of old people with great beards recently... Ive no idea why.

On a note related to my previous entry;

My blog is now officially divine. Yesterday, someone googled for Jesus Christ, but came to this blog. Whats also curious is that l├Ąderlappen is there, too. Its Batman, in swedish. You still think your blog is good? Im the fucking Batman, bitch.

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