Sunday, January 6, 2013

Butterfly-eye w/o butter-

 UGH. What does one do, when one has run out of butter? On a normal day, one runs down to the store, buys some more. NOT TODAY, because today a minority of us commemorate the Holy Epiphany, and stores are closed. Douche move, God. Cursed I feel, for my bread is henceforth butterless, until the day.. Erh, tomorrow.

Despite this unfortunate bout of starvation and this general state of misery, I will write about FUN STUFF and SWEET ART. I suggest we start out with SWEET ART.

The motive? Well... Butterflies and eyes..? Idk, more like sleep deprivation, actually.

I was asked to write something about how I went on about making this one. Well, apart from the technicalities, I dont know what to tell you. I sat down while I was having a nightly snack, A5 sketchpad in hand, and I drew this thing. Then I took a picture of it, put it in the computer, deployed some Layer mask magic in gimp, slapped on a "Plasma" texture filter, darkened it, and woop. There you go. Writing tutorials is no fun when not a whole lot of people are interested anyway, so im not going to.

I used a regular ink pen, which is quite unlike me! I sorely feel that while I may be good at drawing with pencils, my technique is severely lacking when it comes to pen and markers, and its really something I should practise more often! Ive seen art drawn in markers (By people i know!) that just makes me want to burn all my wooden pencils, because all that ive been practising to do for all these years seems so trivial.

Heres the source work. The drawing is actually considerably smaller than youd expect. I can cover all of the drawing with a closed fist, its A6 size. If the screen youre using is about 100dpi (Thats about 1080p on a 22 inch screen.), then the first picture is more or less true to life size!

I uploaded the picture on facebook a couple days ago, and jesus christ, a third of all my friends liked it ._. Thats a pretty good number, yo. A reminder to me of how much I love you guys.

PS: Yeah, alright. I lied, Im not writing about FUN STUFF today. Maybe tomorrow, folks. I am depleted, tired. The only thing ive eaten all day is some leftover steak, and some microwaved pancakes, which just made me long for real pancakes more than anything else. Its a difficult life.

PPS: Yeah, Difficult. Hard is a colloquialism, and hard and difficult are not synonymous in writing. Hard just implies all the wrong things. Life isnt hard, its difficult! Next time you see someone write hard in place of difficult, go on, be a grammar nazi. Make me proud!

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