Wednesday, February 27, 2013

sentimental sunsets-

Walks in the evening, next to the setting sun. Well, evening, thats almost an overstatement. The sun dips below the horizon at barely 18:00... Thankfully, the hours of daylight are growing ever plentier.

So I went for a stroll around the block. The sky was beautiful, the clouds akin bloody courtains, set out to dry against the bluish-turquoise, shifting to orange, backdrop. Ive written about that, how the sky changes colour depending on the time of day, Rayleigh scattering and all. What I didnt mention, is why the clouds are so devilishly splashed with vibrant red and orange.

In clouds theres another kind of scattering occuring, Mie scattering. Like Rayleigh scattering, both occur because particles in the air are of comparable size to the wavelengths of light which pass through them. That causes warping, scattering of light, to occur. Lossless in nature, electromagnetic forces bend the light around the particles, around Oxygen molecules, for example. That kind of selective warping is called Rayleigh scattering.

Mie scattering is different, because that happens when electromagnetic radiation (Light) warps around much larger particles, like the H2O molecules found in clouds. That means clouds bend wavelengths much outside the visible spectrum, leaving all the spectral colours to be scattered in a roughly equal manner.

So summarize what this means, lets sketch out - verbally - the lifespan of a lightwave. Having been sent out from the sun (story for another day), it travels a huge distance, basically unaltered throughout, and meets with our atmosphere. For every 100 meters it travels through our atmosphere, lets say 5% of the energy of shorter wavelenghts are scattered, down to your eyes below. Thats what makes the sky look blue, because the scattered short wavelenghts are blue. After one kilometre, only 59.9% of the energy of the shorter wavelengths is remained. (I expect ALL of you to know why its not 50%.)

Analysing this bunch of light at this stage, it would appear reddish, because the blue components have been scattered, but the red ones remain untouched (im simplifying this to red, long wavelength, and blue, short wavelength. I can do things like this, deal with it.). This, is when it hits a cloud. Mie scattering occurs, and the whole ray of light is broken down and scattered. The scattering will be the same colour that the light was, because the scattering is basically lossless. Since its at a more than tangential angle to the surface of the earth, this light hits the underside of clouds. Awesome, but might be hard to visualize. Anyway, this means that red light, bounced off the cloud, will hit your retina.


Keep in mind now, nothing I wrote is even approximate. All the numbers, except for the calculations I made using them, are made up. 5% isnt scattered every 100m. I made that up. But its synologous to how Rayleigh scattering kinda works, while keeping it "simple".

No art for you today, for once. I went skiing the other day, though. I didnt have any photos of a beautifully red sunset, but this one from the skiing trip shows both Rayleigh and Mie scattering. Wonderful. These are rather low clouds, and not alot of rayleigh scattering has occured, as theyre not that red at all, and neither is the sky. But because they are such low clouds, you can see the shadow of the horizon, which is also pretty mindblowing. The clouds nearer the horizon are illuminated from underneath by the sun, but the clouds nearer the camera and me arent, and appear darker. This is because from the perspective of the sun, those fall on the other side of the planet, and thus, are blocked from the light emanating from the sun.  The same way that we, surface dwellers, are in the shadow of the earth during nighttime.

I really do get too excited about the most trivial things, dont I?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sanity per se

Sanity, you know. What defines sanity according to Wikipedia, is rationale, soundness of the mind, and healthiness. Thats incredibly vague. One can be irrational, and not be insane. Soundness of the mind, well... Thats just not comparable, your mind only exists to yourself. A man could act fully upon impulse, not act with thought, and still act completely sane. Healthiness of mind? Healthy compared to what? Ethic sense isnt a part of healthiness, and that leaves what?

Religious people, are they insane? Theyre not necessarily always very rational, their faith doesnt speak of very deep analysis, whatsoever. They think, just not rationally. You know, the words we use for religious people, it says alot. Of said persuasion, a believer, faithful. None acknowledge any sort of evidence, just an adherence to, well, abstract elements.

Murderers, thieves, rapists, are they sane? Many of them surely arent insane, as they can be clever, completely capable individuals. Yet they posess this sickness of mind, dont they? This health, its damaged. The empathic sense is one of the most unique things in nature, and humans are supposed to express it. While morals are a part of culture, empathy is human, you cannot be whole without it.

But soundness of mind? Who is not sound of mind? A comatose person? There is no sanity in them, but neither is there insanity. So what example could there be? How would we know, whether others think or not? It questions all the other keys of sanity, are we automatic creatures, or do we think?

Even writing this, theres no process of thought behind it. My fingers move, its all in the muscles. I rub my nose, I barely notice im doing that. I glance around, why? I scratch an itch, I react to stimuli. Its something I was thinking about the other day, does everyone else feel so out of control as I do? Thinking about the passing of time, it seems to vane by faster than before. Is it because I think less, or more? I guess you couldnt say im wasting my life, Im going somewhere, but then again, very seldomely do I feel truly alive. 

Like an observer, I am. I feel everything, I see everything, I sense everything, but its not I who reacts to these sensations. Its my body. When do I ever make decisions, anyway? Its hardly my sanity working the keyboard right now. How sound, then, is my mind, truly? 

Am I even sane? 

The questions stands, was sanity even part of creating this? 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

RGB and a slow decline from sanity

Oh, whats up, dear readers? Truly, this blog is in a rough patch. Im back to the old and sloppy schedule of one entry per week, and whoah, isnt that just disappointing. And its not like my material is any better, either. The january-low is over, but now its like uninsipred-february instead, wtf is that all about.

You know, something ive been wondering about for a while now is how does my art look on someone elses PC? I mean, PC monitors arent pictures, they represent pictures. The problem is, 2 representations of the same picture may not look the same. For example, your screen may have different gamma settings, or different colour warmth, or different contrast settings. Or faults. Before, Ive never used pure white in a gradiented shading, because pure white was an artifact on my screen. You guys wouldnt have noticed the difference, though, because pure white looks just fine on your screens.

Oh, LCDs. Thats what most of us use. I recently got a new PC screen, thats why I decided to write about it. Perhaps the most interesting thing about LCD screens, is that none of the colours are real. Except for a specific wavelength of red, green, and blue. All the other colours, like yellow, or anything that can be created by mixing RBG colour space, are fake.

How a simple LCD pixel works, is that it alternates from blocking out and letting through specific wavelengths of light. The LCD in your PC works by shining a white light as backlight (White light contains every wavelenght of visible light.), and then having one filter block out red light, another filter block out green light, and a third one to block out blue light, and it does this for each and every pixel individually. The result is a mix of Red, Blue and Green light. We call this RGB colourspace. RGB is special, because the brain can mix red, blue and green to emulate just about any colour visible to the human eye.

What this means, is, that when you think you see Cyan on your PC screen, you actually dont. The RGB filter blocks out red wavelengths, leaving us with Green and Blue. To the brain, this is indistinguishable from Cyan, even though there are no cyan wavelengths hitting your retina. Green and blue mix together, and that creates the illusion of Cyan.

If you took a macroscopic photograph of your PC screen, you would be able to make out what is called subpixels in your screen. These subpixels are red, blue and green pixels that all exist within the space of one pixel. Looking at them individually, you would never know they together created Cyan, you would view them as 2, Green and Blue, dots. But because you cant normally make them out individually, they meld together in your vision, and then the Cyan illusion is created.

I hope that made you smarter.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Commercial success and WIPs!


So a most esteemed art collector made me this offer, and I just couldnt refuse. For the money, I paid my debts, bought coffee, and fufilled my dreams of living a prosperous artists life. Woop! I was told I could have sold it for much more, but yeah, that would require someone actually wanting to buy my stuff. Start making those offers..!

There it is. He even framed it! I drew it in class last year, and I wasnt ever really proud of it anyway. People seem to like it, though. Its drawn in soft pastels and chalk, and the motif symbolises the contrast and struggle between life and death, love and hate, happiness and depression. I made that up afterwards. Even though I usually dont name my drawings, this one is aptly called Life and Death.

Anyhow, I also drew this king guy. I couldnt bring myself to finish it, somehow it just seemed so drab. And the perspective is crap. Ive been getting some good feedback about these GIF-things, which show off the painting process, so I figured Id just make one out of this painting. 

For once in a damn while, Im not actually feeling like writing a long text. Just enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At last! My PC has been fixed! I found the camera charger! I can start updating my blog as frequently as I once used to do, those many weeks ago! The test week is even over, and I have tons of free time! The normal sinus rhyth that pulses through this blog has finally been reestablished!

Sinus rhythm? Humans have one! Human hearts beat because electricicity courses in your heart, through your nerves! This electric pulse is facilitated by the sinus node in your heart! Traveling through your nerves, this signal excites the muscles, making them contract, and in effect, pump blood, allowing you to live.

What if the rhythm of electric pulse is disrupted? Then, a defibrilator will be used to exert an external pulse of electricity into the sinus node, scrambling the normal rhythm, forcing it to restart. This hopefully corrects the cycle, bringing you back to your normal bloody you.

In the revival of this very blog, no normal defibilator was used. The cumulative power of a thousand thunderstorms, the lightning chariots of Zeus, numerous terrible shocks from the mighty hammer of Thor, and all the electrical power God could possibly muster have been united in a combined effort to bring forth the rejuvenation of the cycle, the cycle of blog. Great success was had, and all the worlds men feasted for 10 days on completely regular food, in honor of blog.

Awesome happiness befell all the world, and creativity and craftsmanship flourished in every human soul.

So now you know. Anyhow, I dont really have any art to match the pure brilliance of all things coming together, but Ill leave you with this random WIP I drew to test out the software. While fixing the PC I installed w8, and also updated my graphics tablet drivers and aquired a newer version of openCanvas! Its great, lots of new features and an updated UI, and I recommend openCanvas even more highly than ever before.

Work in progress art here. Idk really what you guys want to see in this blog, you can always leave feedback in the comments as to what you would like me to write about, or what you dislike or like about my blog, what I could do better etc. Of course, this blog is very much my own, and Ill do as me pleases, but its not like you readers dont have any say in anything. Leave feedback, so I can be the writer of an even better blog!