Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Epileptics beware

... Epileptics beware, Einstein is here. That's the rhyme this entry needed but no readers wanted. I call this drawing Einstein at a Rave.

It's drawn using Promarker... Uh, markers, and highlighter markers. Interestingly, I couldn't make it blink faster than this. I had diminishing returns when the loop got shorter than 20ms. I can't even be sure how quickly it's flashing right now, I only know that I wanted it to go faster.

I called this a drawing before, but that's not really what it is. Because it's different on paper, right? It doesn't flash. On paper, it's just Einstein in weird colours. Einstein at a Rave ceases to exist as soon as you close the browser. A precarious existence.

I'm going to stop writing this entry now - at this point, you probably want to scroll away from Einstein anyway. Flashing lights and colours are interesting, but can be a tad distressing when you can't avoid them. The clock is 03:15, which is cause for distress.