Monday, August 20, 2012

Tortillas, an eye thing and nothing else.

Above you can see the very essence of culinary orgasm. Every ounce of the greatest pleasure of man, in a completely edible form. But is it art? I think not, as the food was created for the sole purpose of survival and my own personal gluttony, its not created with any sort of creative outletting in mind. How so art, if its not even the fruit of any creativity? The very definition of art demands, that it is the product of human creativity. Some would argue it may be beautiful, but that doesnt make it art. ANYHOW Here we see more traditional, visual art.

As my dear friend so graciously described it, it is an eye with a coral-reefish eye-thingy. Spent like 3 hours, sitting here in only my boxers, listening to Finnish 90:s pop music, drawing this kind of thing. The idea from the beginning was to draw something weird, obscure and abstract, and at first I was drawing a female head with a bite-mark in her forehead, but then I kinda drew this instead..?

I dont really know what its meant to be, the eyelashes were meant to look like tree trunks or something like that, but after a while they just became these weird fiddly stick thingies. Mweh, It still looks kinda cool. Not particularly proud of it, especially the iris is a very difficult thing to draw, and didnt turn out so nice ._.

What I think I should do is to create new brushes for myself. Theres simply no way of creating all the crevices and details in a real iris with the clunky brush I use. Ive never really been a fan of different digital brushes, so I really only use one, dont really know why i dont like brushes though.

Weird shit, really. But thats half the beauty of abstract art.

Gosh, modern society has no time for creative losers like me. I feel a dire lack of free time! The sun has already set, ive still got to prepare for a test, beyond that im supposed to do about an hours work of schoolwork, too. I feel flustered for not being able to handle my time correctly. How can I possibly pursue my creative goals, go to school, spend time with mates, do homework, cook for myself, and excerise all in the same day? Simply not possible without sacrificing sleep, which will only make me more flustered in the long run. Life is tough, man.

Nope, no scientific facts, no 1000-word random gibberish, no interesting stuff to read about today. Sorry.


  1. " no interesting stuff to read about today. Sorry."
    I found it quite amusing as always :)

    1. Why thank you :D Im thoroughly thrilled to hear you liked it!


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