Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eyes in macro and more rayleigh LOL

Oh, the colours of the eye. I read something quite interesting today... Eyes, namely, the irises, they can only be 2 colours. Clear, or brown. The other colours are... Well, they're not caused by the object actually being coloured. Brilliant, right?

As I was saying, the brownness in your eyes are pigments; Little splotches of colour, in essence. Organic colouring is called pigments. Or something along those lines. Were full of it. Basically all the colours of our bodies are created when hemoglobin, and melanin, our natural pigment, both skin and eye, combine to make colours together. Brilliant, right?

To give you some interesting perspective, the only difference between bright skinned people and dark skinned people the difference in concentrations of melanin in their respective skin cells!

Back to the topic, aye (THAT RHYMES WITH EYE HAHA). So what are the other colours? Obviously, some people have blue eyes. Or green. Can you guess? YES IT'S RAYLEIGH SCATTERING

Ive written about it a couple times already... Slight dejavu, here. Anyhow, it's the same kind of elastic scattering that makes the sky look blue! How? Structural colouring! The atoms and such, in your eyes, are structured in a very specific way, that bends light in the same way as individual particles in the sky do!

Lots of animals, especially feathered such, make use of structural colouring (What evolutionary purpose it serves, I do not know.). Take the feathers of a peacock, for example. Or the iridiscent feathery wings of a duck. They kinda shift colour when the angle of view changes, and this is a telltale, but not conclusive, sign that indicates structural colouring.

The results of the mingling of these pigments and this structure are the beautiful orbs of spectation that we get to carry in our heads. Fucking brilliant.


I made this little experiment. Mouse over the pictures, I implore you.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Actual egopics

 I'll apologize beforehand, because this isn't what my entries are generally like, but I feel I've been neglecting photographing, and especially portraits, for a long time. So I've decided to fuck the art for once, and just post pictures of my ugly mug instead! Woo!

In truth, there were a whole lot more than 3 photos taken. More like 50. I figured I might have included them as an animated GIF, to save place on the blog and still show most of them, but that just didn't work.

And yeah, I'm kinda naked in those photos! Almost. It all started when I had been making a sandwich, really. This ray of light, bound in from the window, hit me just as I walked past a mirror, on the way back to my PC. Fuck, I thought. What a hunk. Then I had this awesome idea, and I placed the mirror in the path of the light, reflecting it outwards again. Voila, a setup with 2 lightsources, one providing that brilliant backlight, the other shining up my face in a gloriously contrasted and overexposed fashion.

And so I sat there for like atleast an hour, in the crossfire of these 2 blinding lights in my dark room, taking pictures of myself through the mirror. And I had to move the mirror and myself constantly to keep with the moving ray of light!

Creating the most badass photos ever witnessed by man was my initial idea. I rocked them sunglasses, and all that. But that just looked fucking weird, really. I cant post that here. These 3 looked deep enough, I thought. I only made black and white photos, because.. I don't know, I don't look good in colour?

Myep. I wasn't feeling that inspired in writing about anything scientific today, so this will have to do! Some easy reading, for you. I'm getting lazy, again, aren't I. I need to get a hold of myself!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

cuteness and robotic stuff-

Cuteness. Its not actually a personal thing, it hasn't got very much to do with preference. To clarify, I'm talking about visual cuteness. In actuality, there is only one cute thing to humans, and thats babies. Yeah, babies.

To that you might say that, well, seals are pretty cute. Or the little colourful figures in Angry birds. Theres a very logical explanation to that. Babies look soft, right? Round forms, not bony, certain proportions, that kind of stuff. Soft and plushy. Basically, the softer you look, the more you look like a baby, thus, youre cute. Voilá.

 This might all seem pretty weird. What, are we all just pedophiles then? You go "Cats are cute" and im like THATS BECAUSE YOURE ATTRACTED TO BABIES

Not really. First and foremost, cuteness isn't a sexual kind of attraction. You woudln't be attracted to something cute if it didnt also have sexually appealing traits, and one does not automatically come with the other. Cuteness is moreof an emotional attraction.

So why are things cute? Well it's obvious, isn't it? Cuteness makes you care. Cuteness is based on the properties of the human baby. Cuteness must be an evolutionary tool to make humans care for their children! Which is totally sweet!

Hairy, wrinkled, small forehead, saggy skin, just not puffy enough. Simply, not cute. Very unbabylike. The youngling in the entry "sans empathy" looks much younger, and this has much more appealing features. Again, its because it reminds you of babies. Pedophile.

I think I'm in this artistic phase. Im drawing tons of baboons. Sometimes, its skulls, torsos, arms or faces. This time, its monkeys. This one wasn't particularly reminiscent of a monkey, I thought to make it more humanlike.

Theres another weird phenomen of attraction when it comes to near-human looking things. Basically, the more humanlike something becomes, the more OK it is. But there is one exception. If something is very near to, ALMOST human, then its fucking creepy. If it were just a little less, or a little more human, then it would be fine. But we can't deal with near human.

Examples? Manga is pretty cool, but Downs syndrome is just too real. Or corpses. Too human, but not human enough. This phenomenon is called the Uncanny Valley, and it's why well made humanoid robots look so weird to us. ASIMO is still outside the Uncanny Valley, and so is Jarvis, but if a robot has a fleshy human face, it stars getting iffy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

prisms and holy partaking

So the other day (In fact, the same day as I wrote about in the "sentimental sunsets" entry, same walk.), I was encountered with this man. Viewing him, through the end of a tunnel gloomy, in the dark of just past sunset, I was actually quite scared. Well, it looked like an elderly woman at first, I was actually quite taken aback when I discovered it was in fact his chubby young man. When he hailed me so ostentatiously with a hearty "Morjens!", I was prepared for the worst.

He asked me this question, this most bizarre question, "Do you want to partake in Jesus?"... I thought to myself; Pssht, yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you fat pervert greaseball... 

I declined, of course. He insisted, saying it would only take a minute, and relieve me of all my sins and soforth. It would be fun. I kinda regret it now afterwards... I mean, it wasn't just some old perv, it was the Jesus man of Jeppis.

It kind of set me thinking, though... Exactly what part of Jesus will he help me partake of? *giggles*

No, seriously, I told him I'm an Atheist and said I'll damn well go read the bible if I'm looking for christian guidance, this prick has no holy authority. Nobody does, and I resent the Christian churches for so elevating these normal people to positions such as popes, bishops or priests. They're no closer to God, if there is one, than any other believer. The characters of the bible arent literal anyway, they're figures in ethic education. These damn keys to heaven that you keep hearing about, especially now as of late, that's just the commercial part of Christianity. Just a tool, bestowed like a burden but wielded as some mind controlling device. Who is the pope to tell me what to believe?

Oh, religion. You're not my favourite thing. I came to think that this prism here, this diamond thing, its religion. It is.

It warps the gaze. Many a man can look upon it, everyone will see it, yet everyone will view it differently. The picture seen warps along with the angle of view, yet the object always remains the same. What this object is, thats the real question. Is it buddha, the trinity, brahma, all and none of them at the same time.

In science, pictures inside diamonds are called virtual. They are a matter of circumstance, created by the warping of light. In the same way, spiritual belief is vague, it varies depending on the point of view. Your God is just as true as anyone elses God. Another name, perhaps, thats the warped and virtual picture, yet the object warpeth the light remains the very same.

Then the questions remains to be asked, what is this object? Is it a godly entity, or just mans ultimate desire for security in afterlife? I know not. It could be either, or neither. Whatever the case, it's incomprehensible to us. Truly, in the end, we have no way of knowing. The one thing I will know for sure is, that no one else knows, either. Thats why I will not listen to some fat mans preaching about dogmatic Christianity, and simply write myself off as an atheist instead.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

with big spaghetti comes great confidence

I think it was Voltaire who said that. Or something along those lines, atleast. Can't be bothered with no pesky details, can we now?

First and foremost, SPAGHETTI

Because this is my blog, and I can.

Yes, those are sausages, impaled on spaghetti sticks. I saw someone on the internet do it, so I figured, why the fark not? I'm not going to write some giant cooking 101 here, it's not the time nor the place, but just chop some sausages, stick a bunch of spaghetti in it, add salt and cook for like ten minutes (Lid on ;) ). When done, sprinkle some black pepper on it, and serve with ketchup. Simple. Delicious. Having written a recipe, I am now officially multitalented.

As I said, I nicked this off some internet thing... That brings me to something else I've wanted to talk about for a while now. Confidence. As portrayed online.

I'm not talking about keyboard-warriors, or whatever. I frequent this internet forum (Yes, I'm one of those people.), and it's full of sad individuals never to touch a titty or grab an arse. Loners, in short. There was this thread, oh, and thats what I'm going to rant about here, this thread, where people were whining about girls dating jerks. I guess, this entry could serve as a response to that thread, rather than be just another science and art entry. It also came up while chatting with some friends, so I figured it must be interesting.

So anyway, you often hear sad men say idiotic things like "Nice guys finish last", or "She's not interested because I'm too shy/not confident", or "I'm seriously too nice for her". What, the hell, guys. This misconception, it just never bears truth. Ever, and you cant keep thinking this way.

First off, saying she dissed your for a jerk is just you guys making yourselves look like complete tools by projecting your romantic failures on innocent women, who you've simply failed to woo. God, you can't have everything you want, because love is a team sport.

Second, arrogance and confidence are not to be confused. What defines a Jerk is to be arrogant. Confidence has nothing to do with that. Confidence comes from within, whereas arrogance is stolen pride. As a continuation on that, girls dont fucking like mean guys. Get your head straight, no one likes a jerk.

Third, yes, you're right. You might be too shy. She might say yes, if only you asked. But this is the confidence part. Shyness isnt actually the problem, lack of confidence that causes you to feel shy, is. Being shy in itself isnt a problem, Introverts go just as far in life as extroverts. But people who are not confident in themselves? erh.

Yes, this is a full on rant about insecurity.

Face it. No one wants to agree with a person who won't stand up for himself. No one wants to have a discussion with a person, who would rather just listen. No one thinks its beautiful to be insecure. No one will respect a man who will not say no. I realize this is harsh and somewhat narrow-minded, but that's just how it is.

Seriously, even if you dont feel confident, act confident. Much rather that, than be insecure. With one comes pity, the other respect. What I'll point out, though, is that humbleness is not the antithesis of confidence. Confidence without humbleness isn't cool, but neither is humbleness without confidence. To be socially healthy, you need a good bit of both.

Confidence is not about getting into relationships, it defines what people see in you. Your boss, co-worker, teacher, classmate, family, brother, sister, child, friend or foe. Its never about just getting the girl.

Quite enough writing for today, I think. I figured I would just go out of my way and post a picture of spaghetti for once, though that kind of escalated :P Anyhow, as a disclaimer, I'll just say that I do not consider myself a role-model. Ill admit, I never read the manual for women or some relationship 101, and I have no divine insight into the minds of women. God knows, fact is that most readers probably have more experience than I. I think people view me as a rather confident guy, arrogant even, maybe I dont know anything about being insecure, but I've had my lows, and I've been down, but it got better. I got better.

If you feel to disagree with me, as always, voice up.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

sans empathy

Proper art, fuck yeahh. It really has been a while. I found out something quite profound about younglings the other day, and it really gave "Too young to understand" quite a twist...

So apparently, humans are the only animal species capable of comprehending the fact that other people, or organisms, have minds, just like ourselves. This means, that other animals think their friends know, or dont know, exactly the same things as they, therefore, among other animals, there is no such thing is a question, because that would be superfluous. An animal cannot comprehend that other animals know things that they dont, or that they know things that others dont.

Quite interesting, indeed. But what this also must implicate, is that our sense of empathy must be unique to humans. While there is a right and wrong among primitive animals, theres no such thing as feeling sorry for someone else, because to them, only their own feelings exist. This sets us apart from animals, its what makes us human. Comprehension of the knowledge of others and this supreme social conscience have been key in mans ascension as rulers on earth, I believe. 

What was also said in that source, was that humans generally dont develop these insights before the age of 4. Hence, the baby holding the rifle. It would shoot to kill, and simply not give a damn, because it doesnt comprehend the fact that others, too, have feelings.

At long last, I managed to scrape up some proper material! Took me long enough. hiya facebookers, subscribe! And do leave comments, too! I have no ability to judge my own writing, feedback is paramount to improvement!