Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sketchdumps, school and symbolics

Well hello there, you. Today, I really have nothing to show you, but I kinda felt I needed to write something anyway. So, lo and behold, random sketches, starring an apple, stuff and a weirdo, and also a WIP design for a school project.

We are doing these wall-sized paintings in school, which according to the current plans will occupy the walls of the schools new attic spaces. All students of the art class will be doing their own painting, and I was tasked with the making of the largest of said paintings, the one which will be in the end of the room or whatever, I dont even know. Im not even so sure I want to do it, id much rather just settle for the smaller frames. Feeling the pressure, and shit. Id rather not think of the shame ill be forced to endure if it turns out crap.

Anyhow, the motive is very abstract. Since the walls will be whiteish, I figured id leave the corners of the painting quite bright or white, and so I went for this splotchy trippy design. Its a female head, I hope you can deduce as much from the picture... Not quite done yet, I think ill be adding more stuff to fill in the blank space, perhaps a few extra layers of splotchy shit, round out the edges of the face to make it more womanly, and probably crop it so it fills out the whole thing.

 When the painting itself is finished, which may take some time, I guess I will upload a photo showing it. Until then, SKETCHES.

A classic red apple, really feeling the dire lack of inspiration here. Did you know that the apple is the symbol of wisdom and intellect, by the way? Yeah, it is. Symbolics are most commonly objects that mean something, tell you something about a situation or a person, without directly saying it. This is useful when you want to portray characters in e.g. movies, novels, pictures, etc.. If you want to give the reader a subtle hint, telling him the character you just introduced into your text is a smart one, youd give him an apple to munch. Yeah, symbolics are weird. Another thing that the apple may symbolize is sin, along with the snake. This obviously relates to Adam and Eve, the story of the snake and the Tree of Eden, the fruit of which is often portrayed as an apple.

Other popular symbolic objects often used in litterature and art may be keys, for example. Keys symbolize power and freedom. It kinda makes sense, a man with lots of keys is kind of powerful, and also free to go wherever he likes. Perhaps the most widely acknowledged symbol may be the sea. Everything is born out of the sea, was a litany common in almost all cultures of the earth. It may also represent motherhood, healing, serenity, and eternity, for reasons unbeknownst. Fire is yet another symbol, which serves as a contrast to water. Its often seen conferring with evil, destruction, aggression, hate, and violence.

Yep, enough of that stuff already. The other images, though, are far less interesting. Its a man with an eyepatch (another great, oft used symbol.), and some character with a large mouth. Not much to tell about that, really. I guess that pretty much wraps up todays entry, see you around!

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  1. I learn so much by reading your blog! :)


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