Sunday, March 3, 2013

sans empathy

Proper art, fuck yeahh. It really has been a while. I found out something quite profound about younglings the other day, and it really gave "Too young to understand" quite a twist...

So apparently, humans are the only animal species capable of comprehending the fact that other people, or organisms, have minds, just like ourselves. This means, that other animals think their friends know, or dont know, exactly the same things as they, therefore, among other animals, there is no such thing is a question, because that would be superfluous. An animal cannot comprehend that other animals know things that they dont, or that they know things that others dont.

Quite interesting, indeed. But what this also must implicate, is that our sense of empathy must be unique to humans. While there is a right and wrong among primitive animals, theres no such thing as feeling sorry for someone else, because to them, only their own feelings exist. This sets us apart from animals, its what makes us human. Comprehension of the knowledge of others and this supreme social conscience have been key in mans ascension as rulers on earth, I believe. 

What was also said in that source, was that humans generally dont develop these insights before the age of 4. Hence, the baby holding the rifle. It would shoot to kill, and simply not give a damn, because it doesnt comprehend the fact that others, too, have feelings.

At long last, I managed to scrape up some proper material! Took me long enough. hiya facebookers, subscribe! And do leave comments, too! I have no ability to judge my own writing, feedback is paramount to improvement!


  1. You asked for feedback, so I'll tell you the only thing that even slightly annoys me about your blog; the fact that you don't seem to use apostrophes.

    Otherwise I cannot come up with any sort of productive criticism.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I harbor a deep secret. For all my fancy words and poetic frills, I still have no grasp of grammar rules regarding aphostrophes. Its terrible, I know. Every now and then, I make an effort to learn them, but they dont stick!

  2. I get this feeling that in some posts, you don't go deep enough, you just scratch the surface of your posts. Even though most of your posts are long, I believe that most of the space is... Kinda useless. This can be good if you want the viewers to "think for themselves", but it still bugs me a bit (I'd like to see your whole point of view on these things).
    This post had a good picture, it sticked to the subject too, still, most of your posts (at least the recent ones) have pictures that completely differ from the subject. I still get your idea, that it surely is difficult to "write first, draw later" (I think you draw whatever you want, and use that picture in your blog, and I don't see anything bad with that!). But most of your pictures have been incomplete, but Im sure that it's just a phase you have, and Im allso sure that this is going to change in the future.
    That's all for me, this might seem like a lot of bad critisism, but overall I love your blog! Keep up the good work!


    1. I'll think about it. Though I will say, I think people will abandon this blog completely if i start gettinge even more thorough in my posts... The great majority are here to just look at the art, anyway.


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