Monday, March 11, 2013

prisms and holy partaking

So the other day (In fact, the same day as I wrote about in the "sentimental sunsets" entry, same walk.), I was encountered with this man. Viewing him, through the end of a tunnel gloomy, in the dark of just past sunset, I was actually quite scared. Well, it looked like an elderly woman at first, I was actually quite taken aback when I discovered it was in fact his chubby young man. When he hailed me so ostentatiously with a hearty "Morjens!", I was prepared for the worst.

He asked me this question, this most bizarre question, "Do you want to partake in Jesus?"... I thought to myself; Pssht, yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you fat pervert greaseball... 

I declined, of course. He insisted, saying it would only take a minute, and relieve me of all my sins and soforth. It would be fun. I kinda regret it now afterwards... I mean, it wasn't just some old perv, it was the Jesus man of Jeppis.

It kind of set me thinking, though... Exactly what part of Jesus will he help me partake of? *giggles*

No, seriously, I told him I'm an Atheist and said I'll damn well go read the bible if I'm looking for christian guidance, this prick has no holy authority. Nobody does, and I resent the Christian churches for so elevating these normal people to positions such as popes, bishops or priests. They're no closer to God, if there is one, than any other believer. The characters of the bible arent literal anyway, they're figures in ethic education. These damn keys to heaven that you keep hearing about, especially now as of late, that's just the commercial part of Christianity. Just a tool, bestowed like a burden but wielded as some mind controlling device. Who is the pope to tell me what to believe?

Oh, religion. You're not my favourite thing. I came to think that this prism here, this diamond thing, its religion. It is.

It warps the gaze. Many a man can look upon it, everyone will see it, yet everyone will view it differently. The picture seen warps along with the angle of view, yet the object always remains the same. What this object is, thats the real question. Is it buddha, the trinity, brahma, all and none of them at the same time.

In science, pictures inside diamonds are called virtual. They are a matter of circumstance, created by the warping of light. In the same way, spiritual belief is vague, it varies depending on the point of view. Your God is just as true as anyone elses God. Another name, perhaps, thats the warped and virtual picture, yet the object warpeth the light remains the very same.

Then the questions remains to be asked, what is this object? Is it a godly entity, or just mans ultimate desire for security in afterlife? I know not. It could be either, or neither. Whatever the case, it's incomprehensible to us. Truly, in the end, we have no way of knowing. The one thing I will know for sure is, that no one else knows, either. Thats why I will not listen to some fat mans preaching about dogmatic Christianity, and simply write myself off as an atheist instead.

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  1. Once again a most interesting topic you have here, and this time I can without a moments thought agree with you a 100%. The pope and others like him are just commercial for the church now, whilst they were people with great power before, buying you into heaven and such. Its all just ridiculous in my mind that people do not see them for what they are....
    But thats my own personal opinion and I think that a lot, if not most people would disagree. I have no problem with that though, I'll just be an happy atheist and let those religious people have their fun.


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