Sunday, March 24, 2013

Actual egopics

 I'll apologize beforehand, because this isn't what my entries are generally like, but I feel I've been neglecting photographing, and especially portraits, for a long time. So I've decided to fuck the art for once, and just post pictures of my ugly mug instead! Woo!

In truth, there were a whole lot more than 3 photos taken. More like 50. I figured I might have included them as an animated GIF, to save place on the blog and still show most of them, but that just didn't work.

And yeah, I'm kinda naked in those photos! Almost. It all started when I had been making a sandwich, really. This ray of light, bound in from the window, hit me just as I walked past a mirror, on the way back to my PC. Fuck, I thought. What a hunk. Then I had this awesome idea, and I placed the mirror in the path of the light, reflecting it outwards again. Voila, a setup with 2 lightsources, one providing that brilliant backlight, the other shining up my face in a gloriously contrasted and overexposed fashion.

And so I sat there for like atleast an hour, in the crossfire of these 2 blinding lights in my dark room, taking pictures of myself through the mirror. And I had to move the mirror and myself constantly to keep with the moving ray of light!

Creating the most badass photos ever witnessed by man was my initial idea. I rocked them sunglasses, and all that. But that just looked fucking weird, really. I cant post that here. These 3 looked deep enough, I thought. I only made black and white photos, because.. I don't know, I don't look good in colour?

Myep. I wasn't feeling that inspired in writing about anything scientific today, so this will have to do! Some easy reading, for you. I'm getting lazy, again, aren't I. I need to get a hold of myself!

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  1. Reflect bright like a diamond :)


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