Sunday, March 17, 2013

cuteness and robotic stuff-

Cuteness. Its not actually a personal thing, it hasn't got very much to do with preference. To clarify, I'm talking about visual cuteness. In actuality, there is only one cute thing to humans, and thats babies. Yeah, babies.

To that you might say that, well, seals are pretty cute. Or the little colourful figures in Angry birds. Theres a very logical explanation to that. Babies look soft, right? Round forms, not bony, certain proportions, that kind of stuff. Soft and plushy. Basically, the softer you look, the more you look like a baby, thus, youre cute. Voilá.

 This might all seem pretty weird. What, are we all just pedophiles then? You go "Cats are cute" and im like THATS BECAUSE YOURE ATTRACTED TO BABIES

Not really. First and foremost, cuteness isn't a sexual kind of attraction. You woudln't be attracted to something cute if it didnt also have sexually appealing traits, and one does not automatically come with the other. Cuteness is moreof an emotional attraction.

So why are things cute? Well it's obvious, isn't it? Cuteness makes you care. Cuteness is based on the properties of the human baby. Cuteness must be an evolutionary tool to make humans care for their children! Which is totally sweet!

Hairy, wrinkled, small forehead, saggy skin, just not puffy enough. Simply, not cute. Very unbabylike. The youngling in the entry "sans empathy" looks much younger, and this has much more appealing features. Again, its because it reminds you of babies. Pedophile.

I think I'm in this artistic phase. Im drawing tons of baboons. Sometimes, its skulls, torsos, arms or faces. This time, its monkeys. This one wasn't particularly reminiscent of a monkey, I thought to make it more humanlike.

Theres another weird phenomen of attraction when it comes to near-human looking things. Basically, the more humanlike something becomes, the more OK it is. But there is one exception. If something is very near to, ALMOST human, then its fucking creepy. If it were just a little less, or a little more human, then it would be fine. But we can't deal with near human.

Examples? Manga is pretty cool, but Downs syndrome is just too real. Or corpses. Too human, but not human enough. This phenomenon is called the Uncanny Valley, and it's why well made humanoid robots look so weird to us. ASIMO is still outside the Uncanny Valley, and so is Jarvis, but if a robot has a fleshy human face, it stars getting iffy.


  1. Nice post! And drawing.

    Are you borrowing a little material from Vsauce again XD?

  2. Well, indeed I was :P Abiding to my readers' wishes for me to couple my art with relevant writing, limits the range of topics availible for me to write about.

    And besides, a man always has to learn from somewhere, doesn't he? ;)


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