Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween, bad puns and more stuff!

Im sorry guys, my blogging has been bone idle for the past week. I should know better.

I hope you chaps had a good halloween, because I did! Good night in good company. ANYHOW Heres how I was dressed up (Of course I was dressed up, fool, its halloween. Quite frankly, I worked my fingers to the bone painting my face.)

I am actually very pleased with myself! I "drew" it all myself, standing infront of the mirror! The eye-hand coordination may not be quite as good as when you draw on paper, but it was great fun anyways!

Wearing that wasnt such great fun though. It was like perspirative madness. My eyes sweated to hell and back, and the white parts which used another kind of colour-thing were bone-dry.

So after wearing it for a while I changed it a little to what my friends could only describe as a ukranian male prostitute. Yeah, imagine that, it mightve been more scary than the skull-face. But then again the skull outfit was great all in all! I managed to totally scare my friend out of his skin!

Im actually a little bit embarrassed uploading these here, theyre almost better fit on facebook or something. Photos of me that ive asked people to take... Ill make no bones of it, thats not the kind of blog this is supposed to be, im sorry!

The cane and the hat from the first photo werent actually mine, I borrowed them from a friend of mine who is also the photographer. My own outfit was actually quite...


Bone idle; Lazy, not prolific*.
Work your fingers to the bone: Work very hard.
Bone-dry: Simply really fucking dry, alright.
Scare/(make one jump) Out of his skin: An idiomatic and more poetic way of saying you scared the shit out of someone.
Make no bones of: To speak frankly. Which means plainly, or truthfully.
Barebones: stripped to its essentials.

*(Prolific: adj. for one who makes alot of stuff. I love words.)

Im dreadfully sorry for all the terrible puns I made this day. I really am!

By the way, I changed the layout slightly. I added a soft blue spacing under every post to increase readability and help you tell one entry apart from another. The entries being so melded together kinda got under my skin.

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