Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wingardium Videosa?


Our glorious project takes flight. Hopefully. If its not brought down for some kind of copyright-infringement again. Here is for everyone to see our poor acting performances, our bad writing, our shoddy compositional skills, and our general being bad at filmmaking. Ill make no bones of this, film is not my business.

The music in this video does not belong to me; All copyright belongs to EMI.

Anyhow, we were moderately pleased with our video, even though it had its shortcomings. We managed to make everyone laugh with the clown-costume, the horror-scene wasnt all bad, and we found some fitting sound effects. The tune playing in the end gave us some problems on Youtube... The video was made unavailible to watch in some 214 countries, and was now only viewable in like... Switzerland or such, so thats why it took so long for us to make it viewable to you.

Incase this actually does work, that is. Google, being the supercompany it is, owns both Blogger and Youtube, so I wouldnt be surprised if they were to have the same policies for this kind of thing.

For those wondering what the video is actually all about... Well, dramatically enough its about a pair of sunglasses. Which make you dream. Pretty cool, huh. So you dont really know whats going on with the first one, hes kinda just like, clowns and shit. The other guy was supposed to be this kind of deeper character, who on the surface, before the dream, seemed just fine. But, when he put on these glasses, they would sort of act as a scope into what hes really thinking, and hes actually all alone in this nightmare of his.

So he would just as the first guy send the glasses on. This third actor was supposed to be acting all depressed, but she kinda couldnt stop laughing while we were filming, so we had some issues shooting that :P I think we got it pretty good in the end though, 73rd try or so. So she was this outcast-person, sad and lonely, but then these glasses would take her to a better place, where she could be happy! So she keeps the glasses, and the happy music keeps rolling. End of story.

While we were writing the script I actually wanted this last person to get run over and die... Yeah! Think about it! How dramatic! Shes sad, she finds glasses, shes entranced in happiness, she gets run over in a terrible accident. I thought thatd be nice, since then shed get to die happy, and the glasses would go with her. It would give way to a flood of thoughts in the viewer. But alas, my dear co-writers didnt approve of my sterling visions. I think this was a really good ending too, so you know, maybe it was for the best.

All the people who helped in making this or acted in the movie, my thanks to you. Splendid work! Most of you. Well, some of you.

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