Saturday, October 27, 2012

pencil (and pen!) sketches-

Pencil... And pen? Whats the difference, you ask. Well, pencils traditionally use a kind of lead or graphite, whilst pens use ink. Mixing the 2, especially when the ink is coloured, can create quite fancy effects! I used my trusty red pen to clearly mark that brain out, and create a nice contrast. It does pull the eyes, though. Theres only 2 things you pay attention to while looking at the picture below, and that is the dark red brainy stuff, and the eyes.

Thats because those are the greatest contrasts, and naturally they will pull your attention. Artists classically use this in especially landscape paintings and large depictions of crowds for example, wherein something is supposed to catch your attention. A couple ways beyond just creating large contrast in brightness is using contrasting colours, like Yellow and Black. Yellow and black almost sting your eyes when used together, and most certainly pull your eyes and attention to them.

Now, now, dont go sploshing your pictures with yellow and black. Those 2 are bad. Kinda taboo. Dont use them. Something that is more acceptable, and that ive written about before in my entry about colour theory, is the blue-orange contrast. Its used almost everywhere. Take your favourite 3 action movies, and look up the cover arts. Youre bound to find atleast one in which they use orange-blue contrast. If this does pique your interest, go look up my entry about colour theory.

Religion notebook! It has absolutely no meaning behind it!

History notebook! Almost political, man!

So yeah, school notebooks. I draw ALL the time. My education may suffer from it. Thats ok, though, right?! I get to impress people!

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