Thursday, November 15, 2012

feeling feverish and shit-

Urgh, I havent eaten in 10 hours, ive drunk wayy too much coffee, and I feel like complete shit. Im trying to force myself into eating an omelette sandwich, but I have no appetite.

What is Fever?

Fever is the bodys reaction to viral or bacterial attack. By raising the temperature in your body, you kill off weak cells. How does that work? Well, we know for a fact that all animal or bacterial or whateverial cells have a ideal temperature to work and thrive in. And so do the enzymes that these bacteria and cells make use of. All cells also have an ideal acidity, pH-value, that is. For those of you who have basic biological knowledge, you should be able to make a connection to how fever works right about here.

By raising the temperature, the body forces these bacteria out of their comfort-zones, and theyll cease to multiply, or just start dying faster. This ideal pH and temperature range is very strict, a change by just a couple degrees can make all the difference. Then again, some bacteria are more resistant than others, and simple fever may not bite.

It causes discomfort in humans, as we are all familiar with. Just like bacteria, the cells in our bodies have ideal temperatures to work in, and of course, it affects us just like it affects the bacteria attacking us. Why doesnt it kill us like it kills bacteria? Well, were used to it. The people whose fever tends to be too high quickly died away in the natural selection. Atleast thats one theory. Fever does make us feel like utter shit though.

Im sure fever also does other things to the body, like stimulate certain organs which produce a certain kind of anticells, which directly attack bacteria. Antibodies, that is. Antibodies are the immune systems way of tracking down certain illicit cells and locking them down, so that other parts of the immune system eventually can latch on to these bacteria or viruses and be rid of them. I remember what my Biology teacher in school told us when we were studying up on these kinds of things. Antibodies are like a ball and chain, but the lock on the chain only fits a certain foot. If the guards dont know what ball and chain are right for this particular inmate, then theyll have to try out every damn ball and chain in the whole prison, until they find the right one. Only after that, the inmate can be properly dealt with. The guards are clever, though, and theyll remember what ball and chain belong to which prisoner.

Basically, antibodies are the bodys way to tackle bacteria and uphold our immune system. Im sure its related to fever in one way or another.

Update: Day 2 of bad fever. Still alive.

Update: Went a whole week like this. its a painful life.

So yeah. While were on the topic of me, heres a cute picture of me.

Oh yeah. Such a player, man. That face! No idea how old I was. I remember that sweater, though. It may have been a terrible crime against fashion, but that sweater was baws. It was deep olive green on the outside, and motherfuhhin orange on the inside, phooaah, fuck yeahh.

Oh, here I am. Talking about myself and posting pictures of a younger self. Tssk, tssk, tssk. I better stop writing right n-

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