Wednesday, October 17, 2012

elvis, hitler and base values-

Hrn, I believe it is every artists deepest wish (Artistically?) to be able to churn out high quality like some factory-ish treadband. Always something cool, something badass, something completely tubular (Surfer slang is interesting stuff). Nah, we cant do that. Every once in a while, we succeed, but everything inbetween that feels kinda drab. Atleast thats the way I often feel. Especially when theres little feedback.

On the topic of feedback and killing time, I just want to say something about just that. 

I dont care much if my grandmother, who ive never seen wield a pen, thinks im a great artist. The most common piece of feedback I hear is; "Whoah, youre way better than me.", or "Shit, when I try to draw, I often end up with feces smeared all over my face and body.". No, that doesnt really mean alot. For anyone who is ever in the position to support an artist, just tell this person: Gee, youre really good. 

Its better that way, ok? Telling someone theyre better than you might appeal to the most competetive bastards in the universe, but really? Id rather just hear im great at drawing. And what the hell do I respond to something like "whoah, i could never do that"? Im supposed to tell him -"Well, you suck at drawing so go figure"..? Is that what im supposed to reply? Because it certainly is what im thinking.

Yeah, I suck at taking compliments.


I drew this dude, and hes totally wearing a leather jacket. Whooah. Elvis or something? Im not quite sure. I just felt its been a long time since I drew a regular painting of a regular dude standing in a regular pose.


As you can see from this (holistic) sketch, I often like to establish good base values before I start adding details. A base value is, I guess you could say, the mean brightness of a certain area. For those of you not so well versed in English vocabulary, a mean is MEDELVĂ„RDE. Once youve established this mean value for selected area, e.g. that jacket over there, you can easily go on about drawing as usual. Ive seen artists who draw everything in this monotone weird kinda porridgeoey mess, which is entirely compromised of one very simple range of brightnesses. 

Its not cool.

Heres an example. As you can see, the darkest value in the mouth-thingy, is about the same value as in the crevice above the eye. Its not cool. The range of values is not nearly large enough. Its completely weird. In order to make that look ok, back when I drew it, I had to overlay-layer the fuck out of it. I mean seriously, that was a mess. That is why I want you people who are just getting into digital drawing to establish those damn contrasts BEFOREHAND. Its easier to do it sooner rather than later.

I also recommend starting out your paintings greyscale, and then later on working colour into them. It helps you see how the lighting is supposed to work. A possible side effect might be that you start drawing greyscales exclusively, as sadly has already happened in my case...


Huhuh, yuh, I drew a tank, with a hitler-ish face planted on the grill. What the hell is wrong with me? Oh, right. Civil Science quiz on political ideologies tomorrow. About that, I need to start reading...

Anyway, yeah. It looks quite interesting. Im just going to say right now, its just a drawing of a battletank, with a strange face on it, and it just so happens to have that infamous mustache. I do not support fascism in any way or of any sort, I do not condone hitler-stuff. Although the earth is becoming quite overpopulated as of lately...

ERHHM YEP. Quick sketchdumpish writing-release entry. Keep reading, people! Also keep commenting, keep subscribing, keep doing your thing.


  1. It's kinda funny that you always get a good feeling from legit compliments, even though you know they're true before even mentioned, isn't it?

    Anyway, You are of course a great artist, probably even better today than when you made this entry!

    I didn't use to be good at taking compliments either. It's a common syndrome especially in Finland. I never knew what to answer when someone praised my skill =P

    1. Oh, how I do enjoy your comments!

      I guess were just that kind of social creatures, arent we? Knowing for ourselves is never enough, we need to hear it vocalized, hear it said out loud. Oh, humans are so stupid...

      And I think Finns can't take compliments because we dont give enough of them! We need to never stop giving compliments!


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