Thursday, October 11, 2012

neighbouresis and definitely not stuff

Guh, stuff just hasnt seemed to go my way recently, not at all. When I came home today, I found a letter of complaint from my fellow neighbours and the flats booker. It seems that, even after trying to be quieter, I still am making too much noise. Guests in the night, and music too loud. Living a bachelors apartment life is simply not as glamorous as people seem to believe, I cant listen to music after 10, it seems I cannot bring friends over, as if that werent bad enough, its not like my neighbours are a great joy to talk to regardless.

What will a man do? Besides the music, I dont see what I could change in order to be quieter. What bugs me the most is that I havent heard any complaints from any of my neighbours for months and months, and all of a sudden, I get a warning? Please, take my phone number, or come talk to me, knock on the door, hell, knock on the wall, just tell me when I am making too much noise so I know what I shouldnt do, and so I can improve. Its not much to ask, the neighbours obviously have no interest in making me shut up better, theyd rather just have me expelled from my own apartment, never to return.

Thatd mean id most likely be forced to move back to my parents place, switch schools, and go back to all those halfwit fucks I knew back there. Yeah, that doesnt sound very appealing to me. Ill simply have to stop the noise. Oh gueh, these kinds of things can be so fucking frustrating.

For today, I drew this caricature. It doesnt portray anyone in particular, is it then really called a caricature? Its actually not, caricatures are portraits in which you exaggerate certain essential features and defining visual elements of certain individuals. I cant label my own portrait a caricature, because I exaggerated the features of an imaginary person, so in truth it is not a caricature, but simply a picture of a man with an anvil chin and weird creepy features. Its just inspired by and drawn in accordance with caricature style.

It kind of reminds me of myself in this dire moment. I spent the night at a lan party, im afraid I didnt get very much sleep. It feels like I havent showered in weeks (The reality is almost as grim).

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