Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Abstract dabbles

Never before did I really appreciate any kind of abstract art, until I found a channel on youtube, which goes by the name agnescecile, who is a watercolourist who expertly mixes traditional art, say, for example a face, with some abstract elements, and this creates a very dramatic and interesting look. I was so inspired, I figured ill try it out myself. At the moment, I have no watercolours at my immediate disposal, so I drew it digitally. Its really a just a quick sketch, just to get the general feeling down, no carefully measured proportions or anything like that.

It looks like this;
I call it "Tripping balls".
The process of drawing the face was the same as in just about all my other paintings, block in general values, define shape and form using shade, etc.. I put the abstract stuff on separate layers, so that the clarity and contrast of the differing colours wouldnt be lost. What I could have done differently is that I could have used Layer masks instead of just fucking about with the pen and eraser, which would have enabled me to smartly use gradients, instead of flat colours. This would have taken alot longer to do though, so it is perhaps not so smart to do it that way if the piece is just going to be a sketch, anyway. Anyhow, to alleviate the flatness, I used a couple overlay layers and also a colour layer.

Im pretty satisfied with the result, it looks very fresh and modern. Usually, Im not that huge a fan of modern art, but this is acceptable.

I also got the chance last week to do it in watercolour, which worked to some degree, but not as well as I had wished. The painting is at school now, so I cant scan it at the moment. Sometime at the end of the year, when I take all my stuff home, then ill perhaps upload them here, by then youll surely be sick of all the digital redundancy anyway.

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