Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Le victor.

Alrightyos, ten days since my last update. Been busy doing exactly nothing at all, theres really no excuse. Oh well, heres another self portrait that you might like. It wasnt actually meant to be one, I just made the bowtie and then spun off that. Quite different from anything ive done before, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Biggest problem I faced was choosing what to write in the fields of text. Being a classy man, I of course went with putting my name in a hundred and twenty places.

I thought about adding my signature, but they said im overdoing it? LOL, Yah right.

And here are some of the layers used.

A couple more in there somewhere. Not all are visible in the final piece. My biggest gripe with how it turned out is that it looks a little cluttered :/ Basically turned a very simplistic concept into a very large design, which doesnt always turn out exactly great. Im still satisfied, it was great fun making, too!

Ill leave this entry short, as im reading for a finnish test. For a taste of the burning fragment of hell im dealing with here, heres a list of all the forms of a Verb there is in the finnish language. Note that this is a single, very easy word, other verbs will differ greatly.  Lets not forget nouns and adjectives, prepostitions and postpositions, adverbs and conjunctions, and all the other types of words im forgetting. Verbs, though, are but the beginning.

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