Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My birthday + a sketch.

Its my birthday. I would be more excited, but unfortunately still in the middle of test week. Having a test every morning 6 days straight doesnt leave much space for birthday-parties (Not the kind I had in mind, anyway.), or for blogging, for that matter. Since its a special day, and Ive some spare time, I thought id update the blog for once in a while.

The piece ive got here today is maybe a couple months old at most, drawn in the same go as the Genesis piece. I got a weird but cool idea for a drawing when I was listening to music the other day (Music can be very inspiring!), about this dude... Didnt turn out exactly as I had in mind, but it turned out pretty cool anyway. I wasnt able to actually convey the interesting part of the concept though, which would have been some grandiose lighting effects and some flare. It looked weird when I drew it, though, so I scrapped it.

Here it is!

Blocked in general shape and value, as I usually do.

 Refined the shapes, drew the body, scrapped that spiral thing (Missed a spot :C )
And theres the final result! Added hair, further refined shape and value etc.. Pretty quick sketch, I like how it turned out. Drawing noses from a low perspective is one of my weaknesses, its hard to tell how things are supposed to look. No reference was used, that could have helped greatly. What i think makes this one and the genesis piece good, is the large blocky striking contrasts. The face looks kinda retarded in both drawings, but somehow I think its ok, it still works.

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