Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opencanvas and Event files

So, as I said in my earlier entry, im going to show off this last awesome feature of OpenCanvas. What makes it so useful for people like me, who blog, share, and show our art to other people, is the Event history recorder and player. Basically, I can replay any painting I ever did in OC, just the way I drew it then, brushstroke by brushstroke. Thats right, any painting I ever drew, yes, the whole process of painting it. Just like some speed painting/time lapse drawing on youtube. These files arent big, its not like an avi recording of you drawing, its simply recorded history being played back.

Heres an example.

Drawn, say, 2 years ago. Recorded 1 year ago ;) This is a feature i really like.

Unfortunately OC has no built in video recorder, you'll have to use some screen capture software like Fraps, Xfire or whatever pleases you. I used some freeware shit I found on the internet, worked well enough.

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