Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am

With my second post, I find it appropriate to take the time to write something about myself, my art, and why i thought to make this blog in the first place.

I am a Swedish talking Finnish student. Im 17, I live in Vasa, which is on the west coast of Finland, and i go to Vasa Övningsskola Gymnasium. Ive been drawing for as long as I or any of my friends can remember. First, there were stickmen, then the stickmen were put into houses. I even remember giving special stickmen special aesthetic traits, and that was the beginning phase of my art. I still probably have those lying around somewhere.

Eventually it turned into depicting real 3-dimensional figures. I was young, and at that stage i was not very interested in this whole art thing, It was just a way to pass the time while we were at our summer cottage during the holidays. I remember the first shading i ever did was marking out the highlight areas. There were no shades of gray, just a line that went around the edges of the highlight. Then suddenly it came to me, like a revelation, that since I cannot make the highlights any lighter, as I drew on white paper, I need to make the surrounding areas darker. This was huge. How come I had never thought of this before?!

Needless to say, I was but a pup. I had really not thought of it before. And so eventually I started shading for real, and got pretty good at it. I guess you could say it turned into the winning point of my art, as I wasnt quite as experienced with drawing figure and forms, and I still think the shading is the most important part of my own drawings (In contrast to someone who draws comic-style drawings, which focus more on shapes and linework.).
Self portrait. The style is similar to that of Vector art.

So as i got better and better at drawing, I got more and more interested. I realized I have real talent, and in the 8th grade (Which was when i was around 13), I chose extra art classes in school. I actually managed to fool the school into giving me 2 extra art classes, instead of just 1, haha! Everyone was supposed to have 3 extra classes, and due to some special school arrangements for my class, we had to have one of them in another school. This meant i had 4 hours of art every week for 2 years instead of just 2. Ironically enough, I believe that most of my drawings ive ever done are to be found in old school notebooks, not in pieces ive drawn during art class. I simply loved to scribble in them while doing schoolwork, and i still do!

As my interest grew, so did my need for feedback. Started posting my art on Facebook, got lots of likes. After a while I figured I id also post in other places, so I started putting them on online forums. As I realized I cant be crowding up my friends facebook pages, and I my art was drowning on online forums, I thought Id make this little blog. Not sure how often ill be updating it, once a week atleast, I hope. Its not a blog for or about my personal life, and almost every post I make here will have something to do with art.

So please, always +1 or comment! Feedback is what keeps me going!

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