Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is the wonderful piece of software I use when i draw. Its made by the Japanese company, and was initally released as freeware, but the developement of that was discontinued and now they sell a commercial version (Relatively cheap!). They also offer a free Trial version on their website (  Ill list some Pros and Cons, just what comes to my mind right now.


-Magnificent brush settings.
-Event history feature
-Great for drawing.


-Poor Transforming options.
-Bad filters.
-Layers can be glitchy at times.

Its very barebone, but at the same time it has a few excellent features, which make up for all the quirks.

Firstly, heres the brush dialogue. I grabbed this from the PGN website.

It has some presets from the start, (which i never use, I prefer the ones I made myself.) like water colour, Ink, Marker, etc. They show off the functionality of the brushes quite well. As a whole, it works very well. Now, Im not saying it's better than the PS Brushes, but personally I certainly prefer OC brushes, mainly because its intuitive and easy to use. It supports everything youll need for drawing.

The second main reason as to why i use OC is the Event system, which Ill talk about in a future blog entry.

Youre probably asking yourself; why would he use OpenCanvas and not Photoshop? Well, the answer is simple. I was never quite able to wrap my head around the interface of PS. I find it counter-intuitive. Brushes are complicated, and the brush interface is clunky. When I tried it, i wasnt really sure if it was glitching out on my tablet or if Im just stupid and was doing it wrong :P 

Since OpenCanvas is not suitable for regular photo-editing, I use Gimp for that. Im slowly starting to learn PS (Granted, its a much more powerful program, but i still hate that GUI, it just sends tons of bad vibes my way.). Ive been using Gimp for as long as I remember, basically its the first art-software I ever used (excluding Paint...), and it has sticked with me since the start.

And thats what software I use. Today i also downloaded Inkscape, which i had never used before, and it seems to be a very nice piece of freeware! Definitely going to check it out and try to see what it can do.

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