Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GIMP Fillerrr

Havent been able to update for a while now, currently on a skiing holiday at a resort called Levi in Lapland, Northern Finland. I was planning to make a piece for the blog in Inkscape for this entry, but I simply havent had the time. Next entry here will be a proper painting/drawing walkthrough again, like my Genesis post. Not sure if it will be a digital painting or traditional medium yet.

Since I dont have an art piece ready at the moment ill just talk about GIMP instead. Its the second piece of art software I use, along with OpenCanvas. GIMP is free, not quite as powerful as PS, but Its what I grew up using and im now so familiar with it that im having a hard time migrating over to PS. Its beautifully simple, just like Opencanvas, but serves a completely different purpose. Sure, GIMP can be used for digital painting, but the brush settings are very limited and youll be better off with basically anything else. 

Its better suited for photo editing and such. Only reason im trying to switch over to PS is because of PS's Free Transform tool, which is something I wish was implemented into every picture editing program out there. The fact that PS saves better colours is another reason. There is simply no way in GIMP to save as great looking pictures as you get in PS, even with maximum compression quality and whatnot; believe me, ive tried. The tools in PS are also higher quality, for example the gradient tool makes visibly cleaner results in PS.

Above you can see the GUI of GIMP. You can customize the floating windows pretty much anyway you want to; All the docks can be moved, merged, resized, pinned, saved, hidden etc.. I believe the picture above is running on some adaption of Linux, Ubuntu most likely. Its also not the most up to date version, but the GUI hasnt changed that much since. If youd want, you could organize the docks just like in PS, you can reskin the buttons too, if you want to. 

GIMP has a wide range of filters preinstalled, and you can find lots more on the internet. All around, its a nice package. And its free, no one really has the right to complain. I recommend everyone to rather get familiar with PS than GIMP, its a much more polished and overall more well rounded. But for me, GIMP will always have a special place in my heart.

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