Friday, February 3, 2012


Hereby I make my first post. Blog name is still subject for change.

So here i will be posting everything i draw, starting off with this quick sketch. Total time ca. 45 minutes, used software called OpenCanvas. Ill explain what i think is important or might help.

Started out with lots of wide lines, sketching my way to a figure of some sort. Really had nothing in particular in mind with this , i just drew something. Used no construction lines or planning either, so i sorta got the proportions wrong which shows in the end result.

Kept putting more values in. I find the easiest way to shade is to simply start off from a darker colour/value and work your way up. In this one I felt id draw painterly, though, layering takes lots time. I.e. I picked colours directly from the painting and worked my way off that, as opposed to applying layer upon layer of slightly brighter colours.

Flipped the canvas and kept shading. Flipping it horizontally is a popular technique which can help you detect anomalies and such, and might give you an idea about how to go on about improving your piece.

Finished piece.
Reflipped it, made some final touches, and added the spotlight-ish background. Turned out pretty good, I think. Only real qualm i have with is the size of his nose and the shading around it. I tried to color it, too, but it didnt work out so i kept it greyscale.

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