Tuesday, April 9, 2013

waste, unsexy sex and loneliness

Some days, man. Those days, when you just sit at home all day, and don't do anything in particular. I mean, you might blog a little, make great food, or do homework, but you didn't go to school, and you didn't have coffee with your mates, and you didn't go out in the evening. In fact, you may not have met anyone at all, except, say, the cashier at the local grocery store, and two strangers on the way down there.

Days like those, man. They might be rewarding in their own sense, you know, just a chance to chill out at the end of a busy week. But whenever I have days like these, I get kinda depressed. Sure, I did productive things. I cleaned the apartment. I drew a portrait. I might've baked a pie, and I fixed that flat tire on my bike. How can I feel down when I did all these productive things?

In the end, I think it's mostly about who you meet rather than what you do. Humans are social creatures, we are dependent of one another. It doesn't matter if you were happy on your own, you'd probably have been alot happier if you could have done those things in some company. I dont think we even feel lonely, we just get down. One lonesome day does not make you lonely; only alone. It's like being tired. You get irascible, quick-tempered and your problems seem much larger.

I dont know why, really. Is it because you get to think more? You've time to reflect, time to scroll back over what's going on in your life? Thats not likely it, no. I dont feel that way. I think it comes down to that elementary, evolutionary drive. Have sex, breed offspring. After all, most of life's greatest pleasures can be related to the drive to proliferate; have children, and survive. I mean, love, sex, the ultimate hormonal coctails, we only feel these things to force us to breed. If feelings weren't of key importance in making us more effective at sexing it up, then we would not have them.

Thats how evolution works. Eating, sleeping, there is nothing arbitrary about us feeling good doing these things. Human life wouldn't be possible without eating, so of course it makes sense to make us feel good when eating, it encourages us to eat more, thus live longer, and have more children.

In the same way, social behaviour is important in making us feel well. Its a long proven fact, even though humans lived as nomads, we do better in groups. You know why yawning is contagious? Because more people yawning means more oxygen to more brains. Why do we feel well partaking in social behaviour? Because it means people stick around, and live longer.

That might be why I feel bad when I'm alone. Probably not. It's a rather diffuse explanation. Just saying I'm feeling lonely on a lonesome day would probably be a better explanation, in every conceivable and practical way.

A wonderfully philosophical gem from art class.

But I think analyzing everyday things from an evolutionary perspective is quite fun; It really downsizes humans. With all this humanitarianism and such glorification of the human race going around, its a breath of fresh air. Truly, we've been gifted with this wonderful mind, and we treasure it so, and it enables us to do so many things, yet, in the end only... Only to the purpose of having more sex than other animals? Brilliant.

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