Monday, April 1, 2013

venture into chemistry

I'm more of a physics man, really. Movement, friction, physical interaction, and that kind of stuff. Chemistry is... kinda drab, to be honest. Its vital, sure, and important in understanding and doing physics, but past that, I hold little interest in the subject.

Luckily, I'm not meaning to write about that kind of chemistry! Person to person chemistry! More precisely, man to woman. Or vice versa, however you like. Or in the same sex, if you bend that way.

So chemistry. Why do we find sexually attractive partners... So confusing? I mean, we all think in the same way, more or less. Sex and caring, that's what's wanted and needed. Why must it then be so complicated, why does it seem to men like some women intentionally write intricate and ambiguous poems in the stead of plain statements? Why must this be so difficult, so damn political? And gee, women don't understand us either. I guess we are just as confusing to them. Why... Its certainly not an evolutionarily brought forth trait, this cryptic nature.

When I was thinking about what to write about for this drawing, I thought I'd write about how people have buttons, and how we very rigidly react to these buttons being pressed, like how seeing something beautiful makes us happy, or things of that nature. I realize its not always that simple, especially not when there's 2 people involved. Perhaps it's moreof a lack of chemistry, rather than bad such. How would I know, people are so confusing.

It really is quite relevant to something else that has been keeping my attention lately. Ive been reading this book for an english project, and the book is called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. It's about this boy, this boy who suffers from Aspergers syndrome, which makes it very hard for him to comprehend feelings and emotions. Great book, I could copy the full analysis and put it here, too, but I dont think you readers would be very interested in reading that, anyway.

On one hand, hes a talented, free spirited, truly academic mind. Its so beautifully written, I could almost see myself in the place of this boy. But hes also so... Weird. I wonder sometimes, do I have fucking woman-aspegers? Oh, no. Its just some women. Which? I couldn't even begin to categorize them.

Oh, what a rare glimpse at my innards. Do I betray my confidence? I better stop writing, and just post the bloody art already.


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