Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the spectrum of happiness

Everyone has bad, days, okay. Everyone gets hurt, everyone suffers, one way or another. Atleast, that's the general consensus. I know this. But the way I like to think of things is that not being happy is simply having less happiness; there is no suffering, because it's only a concept. Like darkness. There's no shadow, just a relatively lightless place. 

In the same way, there is no actual sadness, just relative happiness. And just as there is no absolute darkness (There will always be electromagnetic radiation, whether you like it or not c: ), there is no absolute void of happiness. There simply exists no such thing. I get so down when I hear people say that life is suffering, because that's just a fault of attitude; there will always be happiness, just not always equally much of it. 

Any arguments for suicide, or depression, will still be as valid, I'm not trying to convince anyone that they're in fact happy, because people are depressed, there are no two ways about it. Little happiness is still the same thing as sadness. But perspective matters, and if people focus only on the bad instead of the good, then no wonder people get depressed. I used to hate how my father always told me "It's a matter of attitude; Its only as good as you make it.", but as I grow older this only seems to grow more truthful.

No happiness will ever come to you by itself. There is no innate happiness, happiness has to be taken, earned, or given. It needs a source. What I think is the key to actually being happy, and feeling good about yourself, is doing stuff about the things that don't make you happy. Either, don't do these things at all, or do them right. Whatever makes you happy is right. The only right that exists in the world, is happiness. Anything else is simply wrong. Man is supposed to enjoy life. It's not a chore, and it surely is the only chance at even experiencing happiness you'll ever have. Death can always be worse, because in death, there exists no medium for happiness. It's an eternal absolute void of happiness. To my way of thinking, something like this doesn't even exist in life, only in death.


Happiness. I'm happy. There are so many things in life that make me happy. I was asked today, and it set me thinking... "Are you a sensitive person, do you ever even feel bad?". Well, I think I could be a sensitive person, people often tell me so, but I'm happy enough to make any detracting insults or condescending comments insignificant. This doesn't mean things don't hurt me, it just means I'm happy enough to shrug it off.

Why am I happy? I don't know, some people are easily pleased, some people are quick to laugh. I just derive tons of happiness from all kinds of things. Everyone has things that make them feel good, but not everyone is able to appreciate these things as much as they possibly can. Or maybe it is the fact that I've never been happier which makes me convinced I'm happy.

Still, psychologists call them instrumental values. Things that make a person happy. I think people think I'm quite aware of my looks, as I tediously make my hair every morning and generally make an effort, sacrifice practicality for style etc.. I don't do this because I want to look nice, that's not what it's about. I do these things because they make me feel good about myself.

Last month, I opted to not shave all month. People asked me why I was doing that, even I don't think I look any better with the measly beard I can grow, but the simple answer was... I did it because having a beard was satisfying. It's really simple. Every millimeter of that beard made me feel better. Then the feeling grew old, so I shaved, and now I'm just happy because I look better than I did last month. The important thing is I'm satisfied. And this morning, I braved the world in my faux-leather jacket, and mother of god, that jacket does make me feel good about myself. Ever since I bought it. I know it does, so I wear it. If it didnt, I'd have bought a new one years ago.

I've been meaning to write about a friend of mine for a while now, a blogging peer, one could say. He writes stuff, weird stuff, random stuff, brilliant stuff. Kinda like myself, we have things in common (Male bloggers in our genre are quite scarce), and we kinda discuss most of the things we write about. He has made a few references to my blog recently, so I felt it would only be fair to point some of my own readers his way. That drawing up there is interesting, because I post it here as a sort a response to an illusion he drew and wrote about a couple entries back. I'll say, though, mine is much more a stylized drawing, while his drawing is simply brilliant in its illusory property. While I'm an artist working in pictures, this guys true gift is not drawing, it's music. Do read.

Be warned, though, this guy writes even longer entries than I do. It's not for the faint of heart.


  1. In my opinion, this is the best entry that you've posted in a while now! I can both agree with and relate to most of the things you said (other things, maybe not as much, but that's beyond the point). I'd really like to see more of these kinds of writings of yours in the future!

    And speaking of happiness; what cheered my day up a lot today was seeing my blog being mentioned here =) Thanks a lot, and I hope that you'll be able to maintain your joyous feeling!

  2. Jag tycker så om att läsa dina texter alltid nu och då när jag kikar in här! :)

    1. Jamen va roligt att höra :D Kul att du kommenterar också!

  3. I agree in many things here bro! (nu måst ja skriva på svenska fö ja kan skriva bättre he höhhö :p) Många saker här va mycket jag själv funderat på rätt mycket, de hör ju helt enkelt till en stor del av vardagen.
    Att vara glad, lycklig, nöjd, känna helt enkelt välmående, så himla viktigt för människor att helt enkelt kunna orka leva med livet som kan vara tuff mer eller mindre.
    Men fakta är ju de också att man tyvärr nog måste känna sig en del olycklig, mer eller mindre, för att helt enkelt kun känna sig glad och lycklig, men allt skall ju i sin stora helhet vara i en viss balans, och jag tror nog alla människor upplever någongång, speciellt i tonnåren(no shit) en tid då man öppnar ögonen och helt enkelt växer upp, för en del människor tar det längre tid att känna sig bra med de,och lära känna sig själva helt enkelt, än andra.
    Men konstigt nog: allt dedär värsta, då man känner sig så himla ful,passar inte in,oattraktiv, ja, nästan deprimerad, så slutar det bara mittiallt. En dag märker man, hur mycket man själv har ändrats och mycket annat, till slut kan man titta sig i spegeln och känna sig rätt så awesome och riktigt snygg!
    Nog för att detta att förstärka sin självkänsla och självförtroende är nog något man jobbar med i princip hela livet, men oftast då det blir nedgångar så brukar en hel del saker bara bli bättre!
    Förstås varierar ju detta från person till person rätt mycket.
    Sry fö en lång text vila bara dela med mig höhhö, kanske ja också skall startta en blogg eller nå :p


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