Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sanity per se

Sanity, you know. What defines sanity according to Wikipedia, is rationale, soundness of the mind, and healthiness. Thats incredibly vague. One can be irrational, and not be insane. Soundness of the mind, well... Thats just not comparable, your mind only exists to yourself. A man could act fully upon impulse, not act with thought, and still act completely sane. Healthiness of mind? Healthy compared to what? Ethic sense isnt a part of healthiness, and that leaves what?

Religious people, are they insane? Theyre not necessarily always very rational, their faith doesnt speak of very deep analysis, whatsoever. They think, just not rationally. You know, the words we use for religious people, it says alot. Of said persuasion, a believer, faithful. None acknowledge any sort of evidence, just an adherence to, well, abstract elements.

Murderers, thieves, rapists, are they sane? Many of them surely arent insane, as they can be clever, completely capable individuals. Yet they posess this sickness of mind, dont they? This health, its damaged. The empathic sense is one of the most unique things in nature, and humans are supposed to express it. While morals are a part of culture, empathy is human, you cannot be whole without it.

But soundness of mind? Who is not sound of mind? A comatose person? There is no sanity in them, but neither is there insanity. So what example could there be? How would we know, whether others think or not? It questions all the other keys of sanity, are we automatic creatures, or do we think?

Even writing this, theres no process of thought behind it. My fingers move, its all in the muscles. I rub my nose, I barely notice im doing that. I glance around, why? I scratch an itch, I react to stimuli. Its something I was thinking about the other day, does everyone else feel so out of control as I do? Thinking about the passing of time, it seems to vane by faster than before. Is it because I think less, or more? I guess you couldnt say im wasting my life, Im going somewhere, but then again, very seldomely do I feel truly alive. 

Like an observer, I am. I feel everything, I see everything, I sense everything, but its not I who reacts to these sensations. Its my body. When do I ever make decisions, anyway? Its hardly my sanity working the keyboard right now. How sound, then, is my mind, truly? 

Am I even sane? 

The questions stands, was sanity even part of creating this? 


  1. Sometimes I wish that I could be a psychopath, so that I could easily manipulate my friends without feeling anxiety...
    Interesting picture btw!

    1. Thoughtfullness is a virtue. Besides, if you kept manipulating friends all the time, they would become something else than friends, wouldnt they?

  2. I've got to admit that those were some really interesting thoughts.


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