Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At last! My PC has been fixed! I found the camera charger! I can start updating my blog as frequently as I once used to do, those many weeks ago! The test week is even over, and I have tons of free time! The normal sinus rhyth that pulses through this blog has finally been reestablished!

Sinus rhythm? Humans have one! Human hearts beat because electricicity courses in your heart, through your nerves! This electric pulse is facilitated by the sinus node in your heart! Traveling through your nerves, this signal excites the muscles, making them contract, and in effect, pump blood, allowing you to live.

What if the rhythm of electric pulse is disrupted? Then, a defibrilator will be used to exert an external pulse of electricity into the sinus node, scrambling the normal rhythm, forcing it to restart. This hopefully corrects the cycle, bringing you back to your normal bloody you.

In the revival of this very blog, no normal defibilator was used. The cumulative power of a thousand thunderstorms, the lightning chariots of Zeus, numerous terrible shocks from the mighty hammer of Thor, and all the electrical power God could possibly muster have been united in a combined effort to bring forth the rejuvenation of the cycle, the cycle of blog. Great success was had, and all the worlds men feasted for 10 days on completely regular food, in honor of blog.

Awesome happiness befell all the world, and creativity and craftsmanship flourished in every human soul.

So now you know. Anyhow, I dont really have any art to match the pure brilliance of all things coming together, but Ill leave you with this random WIP I drew to test out the software. While fixing the PC I installed w8, and also updated my graphics tablet drivers and aquired a newer version of openCanvas! Its great, lots of new features and an updated UI, and I recommend openCanvas even more highly than ever before.

Work in progress art here. Idk really what you guys want to see in this blog, you can always leave feedback in the comments as to what you would like me to write about, or what you dislike or like about my blog, what I could do better etc. Of course, this blog is very much my own, and Ill do as me pleases, but its not like you readers dont have any say in anything. Leave feedback, so I can be the writer of an even better blog!

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