Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Searchtags and dejavu

Ahh, as an artist, every once in a while comes along something you grow really proud of. This is one is one of those. Drawn in the late night, almost 6 months ago, it remains one of my proudest moments, and its the second time I show it on the blog now. I realized I had made a slightly improved upon version since that time, and because that old entry is now hidden in the dark pages of this blog, id say it warrants a new entry! And by dark pages, I mean the entries I wrote before I revealed the blog to friends and family, entries that rarely get any attention anymore.

By all means, click me. I look even creepier in fullscreen.

A sweaty ass cyborg-ish head, thats what it is, for those wondering. Id much rather be remembered for that than the hitler-tank. What makes me say that, you ask?

That brings me to the funny shit I didnt write about last time. Bloggers have access to traffic sources, right? Like what people typed in google to get here, for example. As I said in the other entry, I recently uploaded a drawing on facebook. It was without a link to this blog, which forces those who would like to visit the blog to google for it (Because the name of the blog is... Immemorable.) And shit, you guys get by some pretty damn weird searches.

So the most common search is just regular searches including my name and the blogs name. Then we have these few stalkers that google for my full name with date of birth (Gee, you could just ask me for the link instead...).

So thats pretty regular stuff. The third most used search path is "hitlertank painting". Really guys? Is that what I will be remembered for? aww sigh :c Im still ok with this, were still friends.

BUT THEN comes along this poor little feller, who googled for "egopics", and found my blog that way. Yeah. He was probably not searching for this blog, BUT WHA THE FLYING FUCK..!? THAT WAS ONE TIME. AND IT WASNT EVEN AN EGOPIC! Not fucking funny, Google. Luckily, I dont show up with that search anymore.

Then theres a few random ones like
"victor vs bitmaps" -dafuq?
"sad sketch elvis" Now thats just mean :c
"victor crap blog" HEY!
"tall men more attractive total bullshit" Oh you.. You little motherfuckers ._. I googled it myself, thinking it couldnt be true. Turns out, though, its the topmost fucking result :#

Heres the grand finale...! 3 lucky googlers got to my blog by googling for.... "mghyuug". Yeah, thats right. You heard it. Searching for mghyuug will bring you 2 links to some weird nonsensical half-taiwanese code-charts, and a link to my blog, an entry about water and vector art... mgh-fucking-yuug.

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