Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year feat. YEARGIF

And a good one it was. Interesting, full of exploits, anecdotes, stories, stuff, things and a load of nice occurences. A year of new things, most of all. Like this blog, for example! In a couple months time, it will be the one year anniversary of this very blog! Woppey! Quite honestly, its been the best year of my life. Truly. I love you people. All of you, known and unknown.

So what now? 2013? And the first year of the 13th baktun... Whoah. Am I the only one seeing how this year could very well be the end of the world (Disclaimer; No, its not.)? You know, 13. Its an unlucky number, right? And things just seem to... Coincide, and in a very peculiar way. Weve got 2 Friday the 13ths this year, Sep 13, and one in december. These days will shock the world, mark my words. All the unlucky numbers align. If only there was a 13th month... We would be anally fucked a-la calendar this year.

What is all this superstition really about? There are 2 special sacred (Historical or fictional? YOU DECIDE) events connected to this number, and theyre very much alike.

In Christian belief, and according to the Bible, Judas Iscariot, the betrayer, was the 13th man to sit down at the table of the Last Supper. I hope thats all the Christian education ill have to do here...

Very interestingly, in Norse mythology (You know, Northern Europe, Thor and shit.) there was this similar dinner party. There were 12 members invited, but then Loke (Or Loki, whichever suits your translations.) showed up, bringing all the heat and shit, making for the 13th member of the party. He kinda killed some other god, and then there was this general sense of discord and chaos. Hence, 13 pretty much sucks, yeah?

Even more interestingly, both of these religious events are totally coherent with modern and ancient numerology! We know how theres alot of myths regarding numbers and such, right? Like, 7 is magical, 3 is too. 4 and 9 bode bad tidings. Well, this is not one of them. A dozen, which is 12, is, in mathemathical context, considered the perfect number. If we didnt use a system based on 10, we would use 12. It can be evenly divided by 2, 3, 4 and 6! Its perfect!

Here comes the unlucky part. Just as in the religious myths, when you add 1 to 12, shit happens. You get 13. Jesus dies, and Thors best friend is impaled on a stick. Its a called Prime number, its not evenly divisible by anything. Thats also why numerologists find this number so uncomfortable.

I think those are the most interesting stories behind the number. Theres also the 13 menstrual cycles in the average year, and some chinese wordplay, puberty, executional tradition, and such mildly interesting theories lurking about the number.

To summarize this great past year, I figured id cram a bit of every entry ive ever made into this. Heres the YEARGIF 2012!!! Oh, I feel so nostalgic. Writing a blog is awesome, even if almost no one reads it. I love it, as I love you. Yes, you, dear reader.

I hope the best of years to you!

PS. I wrote 13 exactly 13 times in this post. OH SHII-

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