Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee and cupception.

Coffee. A year ago, I hated the taste. Today, I drink it every day! Lemme just list some of the Pro's of coffee here now;

1. Its delicious. Its an aquired taste, sure, but its one youll come to love and welcome, like a trusty friend, always there. Coffee is the saffron of liquids, the truffle in everyones cup. It is the imbibeable gold of the equatorial belt, the Mona Lisa of refreshments. Yet unlike all these, coffee is not expensive. Hypothetically, just imagine not affording it, drinking some half-arsed quasi-brittish tea instead. BLERGH. Price leads me to the next point.

2. Coffeine, delivered in coffee, ought to be the worlds cheapest and most readily availible psychoactive drug. It provides a kick, atleast to newfound lovers of the bean-derived exhilarative. Its glorious. Apart from making you feel good, studies show it shorthandedly improves your memory, and helps you focus.

3. Its a social experience. It creates routines, that one may come to love. Morning coffee, at lunch, in the afternoon, after dinner, and always best enjoyed in the company of others. To me, going out for a cup of coffee with my dear friends is absolute bliss. Wonderful time. Not directly because of the coffee, but the fellowship and the sense of community that forms around and with it. People find each other in the swirling depths of a coffee cup. The Fellowship of the bean. 

They told me my addiction has gone too far. HAH, I can stop whenever I want...
The face-adorned cups strike again, my friends. Its beautiful. Once again, the phone camera flash created this funky vignette, for which I apologize. Im actively looking for solutions to my perilous technological situation. Kinda.


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