Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Yes, after a month of posting hiatus, I am here again. To say I am back would be a lie, for I cannot be sure that I will keep posting an entry per week as I used to do. But hey, its my free time, to be used at my leisure, come at me bro.

Anyhow, what I have to show you is another timelapse drawing video. Digital, not traditional. I hope to be able to bring you one with real pen and paper soon, though, so stay tuned i guess..?

Used OpenCanvas as usual, and recorded the event history instead of the actual painting process, which means you wont see any mouse pointer, there will be no pauses between strokes as there would be in reality,  and the timescale is kinda funky. Those are the drawbacks of recording event history as opposed to recording the process of you drawing it.

As for the painting itself, I drew it in the middle of the night just a couple days ago. At 3 o clock in the night i was struck by this unholy craving for the pen, and so I drew something as bizarre as this. Its a take on cyberpunk, something I read about just the other day. Ill admit its kinda strange, but I think the strange is also part of the appeal. I kinda love it, I think.

No reference used. I think I should have used one though, for the mechanical parts, as my inspiration felt kind of subpar in the late hour. I was going to colour it at first, but I later changed my mind, because im lazy like that. Reference is always good to have, even if the reference isnt even close to what youre doing. Let me explain, in this piece I could have, for example, googled pictures for "engine". Now, im pretty sure the pictures provided would have offered me some inspiration or just stuff that i could have incorporated into my art. Because I dont know what a mechanical neck looks like, I can google for stuff that might give me an idea or clue as to how it may look, even if I dont actually find a picture of a mechanical neck. By using inspiration from real life pictures, I could have made this piece look a lot more lifelike and believable.

Anyhow, below is a regular png containing the drawing in full resolution.

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