Monday, May 28, 2012

Self portrait! In clay!

Self portrait!!!

No, not really. I was just kidding. If this were a self portrait, I would be hopelessly hideous. Its a sculpture I made in school. The idea was for us to design miniature birdhouses, and as im completely obsessed with including heads and faces in my art, I came up with this. The basic thought was that the birds may nest in the mouth. Doesnt that mouth just scream NEST IN ME to you??! Or maybe thats just me.

This may be the first piece of art that I upload here that im not actually satisfied with myself. You see, I suck at sculpturing. Its my least favourite form of art. Well, not really, but its the one im definitely worst at. Things just dont turn out nice. Although I cant say ive had much practise, maybe ill get better down the line. Ive done some 3d modeling too, and my spatial sense is not bad either, so maybe one day I could be great at this.

Did you notice the lips and nose are glossier? Yeah, im full of surprises, arent i.
I basically cut out a rectangular lump of crap, cut out everything except for what is from above seen as a circle, used the cutout material to make another rectangular lump, and cut that into another circular layer, which i placed above the previous. Then, i placed a hole-less circle plate on top of all those, and so I had a hollow box. I felt quite ingenius. Then I hit it left and right to create this kind of head-ish resembling thing. 

Because my teacher asked me to, I coated it with some bullshit which was then partly scrubbed off, and so all the creases became dark. Not sure whether that improved or ruined it completely. Baked it in the oven, splashed his lips, eyes, head, and nose with this glossy liquid, and put it in for another, final round in the oven. Voila, head.

 By golly, I believe 12 days have passed since I last updated. Truly such a shame. Test week and stuff. Not a lot of time to post in blogs. Ive even grown a beard to symbolize our difficult strife and hard work, reading day and night for tests, pausing only to shit, eat and occasionally sleep.

PS. Actually I havent read for a single test yet, test week is just a nice excuse to do be retardedly lazy undercover, adopt a lifestyle of general lack of hygiene, and eat candy every night.

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  1. I have to agree with that PS you added. Even if I try to study for a test, I usually give up in about five to ten minutes and do something else instead (while of course keeping the benefits given by the free time, as well as the excuse to eat sweets).

    I'm not good at sculpting either, so I usually intentionally make something look horrible and ugly, but in a good way. That way it's much easier.


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