Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More watercolours and stuff -

Yes! 2 watercolour entries in a row! Come at me bro! 

The process of painting actually didnt differ that heavily from the last one I did, so I wont explain it that much this time. Basically, i filled in all the areas with their respective colours and tones using water soluble watercolour pencils, then used a wet brush to smear it all out. I also used the very same markers I talked about last time. 

So, its abstract again, isnt it? Yes it is. Heavily influenced by the youtube channel agnescecile, whose work i adore. Her style is really growing on me! Drawing stuff like this is great fun and it looks awesome, too. She draws with liquid watercolours, which I have no access to, truly a shame. But I make do with my own watercolour pencils, after all, its not about what tools you have, its about how you use them. Remind me to rant about photoshop brushes later, okay?

So yeah, I think that wraps up this entry. Next time I make a watercolour painting, I hope to be able to record it step by step, and walk you through the process even better.

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