Saturday, April 14, 2012


Idrawgirls is one of the big channels/artists on youtube that i look up to. I always watch his videos, and I love his style of painting. Everyone should go check his channel out, if you havent done so already.

After seeing one of his videos, I redrew what he had drawn. Said video is deleted now, but can be bought as one of his Premium Tutorial packs, and its about drawing fabrics and stuff. 
Basically, one of the showcased paintings had a motif with a man, wearing a brownish beige jacket, and i wanted to take a shot at this painting. I do this quite often, because its great practice, seeing how other people draw stuff can give you ideas on how to improve your own workflow. 
I did not not copy the painting alltogether, but only the motif. I only had one cursory look at it before i began drawing.

Im quite satisfied. Couldnt nail the tone of the face, but the piece alltogether was about the clothes, so im not bothered.

Idrawgirls, or TheArtClasses, is a blog and youtube channel run by a great artist, Xia Taptara. You can either check his youtube channel out, or go directly to his blog. Hes got over 300 free tutorials on there now, and I definitely recommend checking him out. He also sells premium tutorials for like 5 bucks for about 2 hrs of commentary and painting. Just dont forget about my little blog when you check his blog out :P

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