Monday, July 21, 2014

conscription and the future

In Finland, we have what's called conscription. It means every able man living here must at some point in their life enroll, either in military training, which is what most young men choose, or "civil service", which is the less popular option. 

So I'm in the army now. For either 6, 9 or 12 months, it is still unclear. This means I won't have the chance to do a lot of blogging in this time.

So... Yeah. There isn't much else to say. During the past year, this blog has suffered a lot because of changes in my personal life and situation. I've had less time to write and draw, and my priorities have been elsewhere. Right now, there's just very little opportunity to write, even if I wanted to. We get to go home over most weekends, but there is just so many other things I want to do with that very limited time, and that leaves this blog in a sorry spot.

Hopefully, once my service in the military is over, I will once again find the motivation and time to write regularly.

It seems fitting, how my last entry was my one hundredth. There is so much for me to be proud about in this blog. All the work, all the art, all the text, every last entry. Even though my motivation has faltered, not once, not twice, but numerously during these past two and a half years, this blog means nothing but dedication and pride for me. What began, humbly, as a platform for me to show my artwork to other people has since developed into something much more meaningful and important to me.

So I thank you, those of you who have followed me and read my rambles and been interested in my artwork. My fans, even though they haven't been all that great in numbers, have meant the most to me, and motivated me immensely in the past years. 

Hopefully, I will be back for the third anniversary of Onesketchist, in early 2015. But I leave no promises. There is a time for everything, but maybe the time for this blog is simply past. To cling on and write more once the passion is gone would be a dishonor to every good entry I ever wrote. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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