Thursday, June 26, 2014


Well... It could have gone better!

This, along with the catastrophe of my results in the Mothertongue test in my matriculation exams, will probably leave me 1-2 points short of being accepted. According to my calculations, I have 18,6 points. For Aalto, one might need about 22,5, and for Oulu about 20. This sure as hell leaves me pretty sore.

If my essay for the Mothertongue test wouldn't have been deemed irrelevant, or off-topic, in all likelyhood it would have been worth top scores. This, in turn, would have given me the 1,6 extra points needed to get into the architecture program in Oulu.

And for my entrance exams... They didn't like my work. Or they didn't think I was worth a whole lot of points. Either way, I fell short of achieving 66% of the points in the entrance exam (Not the same 'points' as I am referring to in the earlier paragraphs. Along with matriculation exam points and points from the maths test, the entrance exam points are part of a larger formula which gives the final application-points, 18,6.), which I aimed for and would have needed. I got precisely half of the points.

So basically everything fell a bit short. In reality, it's not a huge problem. I'll apply again next year, and by then I'll have sorted out the Mothertongue exam, and by my thinking, I can't possibly perform even worse in the entrance exams next year. After all, I have to believe that I am worthy of higher points. The entrance exam was a drawing test. I should be good at it.

Anyway, the assignments we had were pretty spectacular. They can be found (In swedish...) in the link below. It's a downloadable PDF.

The final results of the application are actually not published yet, but... The required points to get in don't fluctuate all that much from year to year. This years application is hopeless.

EDIT; Also, this makes the 100th published blog entry! Hooray, for two and a half years, a ton of text and a load of memories... For me, anyway :)


  1. It's a shame about the entrance exams, but congrats on the 100 blog posts!

    P.s. Looking forward to being drafted? (I do not...)

    1. Do I look forward to it?... No. I look forward to the fact that we won't really have any responsibility. Over anything. It doesn't affect our future lives as much as studying does, so it's okay to... Fail. Or just not care. I welcome that.

      But being there is going to suck. People always say you just need to have an open mind and keep being humorous about it. Take it like a joke. Shitty advice. It's true, anything is better with a bit of laughter and joking, but conscription still sucks. The chances of it being a positive experience, even if you laugh about it, are slim. That's how I view being drafted.


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