Friday, December 7, 2012

MOSAICS and more illness-


Its quite grotesque, isnt it? As a piece of art, though, I think its quite interesting. Not because it carries any kind of specific meaning or anything, it just has a piquant but yet slightly bizarre appeal. I saw something quite like this a while ago, that some I know had made. It was quite a regular photo of this posing man, zoomed on his face, and especially on his glasses. The glasses themselves were of a quaint round design, but onto the lenses they had glued pieces of another photo, of an eye. Wearing these fake glasses made you look... Weird. But that was the point, the bizarreness of it was also the very appeal it had.

Now, there werent really any deep thoughts, or grand schemes behind this mosaic. Im still sick, still gravely ill in my terrible bout of glandular fever. I still have problems eating, although the pain seems to have transferred from a terrible pain when swallowing into a almost terrible pain that I feel all the time.

And you know how they say, im supposed to sleep when im sick? Well, thats a problem, because every time I lie down in one place for too long, I start sweating. Like a pig. Its sick. The other night, I switched beds 3 times, because every bed would get soaked in sweat, and would be impossible to rest in. And I really mean soaked! The first time it happened, when I had my fevers a couple weeks ago, I woke up thinking I, Victor, soon to be 18, had wet my own bed. Thats the first thing I thought. But no, it turns out, it was all actually sweat. Fucking nasty. And its been like this, more or less, ever since I had those fevers. Its bullcrap, man! Let me sleep, douche-glands!

I have more good news for you guys though. Almost 50% of infants have had or have glandular fever! Either, theyre born with antibodies, or they get it from all that fucking kissing that babies endure! So youre like, half covered! And as we know, you only get mononucleosis once! Babies have it easy, too. Some extra crying on the night, or some shit like that. No seemingly lifelong fatigue, no fevers on steroids, and no throat problems. The younger you are, the more likely you are to not have any symptoms. Bah, I should have kissed more girls when I was a kid, then I wouldnt have to suffer this bullshit!

Oh YEAH! The mosaic is a gif, i hope you noticed. I used Gimps innate GIFfing ability to make it. Its not a very smooth or intuitive setup, but its very straightforward. You simply stack the layers in the order you like, and add a number in milliseconds to the layers name, which corresponds to the lenght of time which that frame will be shown, and save it in GIF format! Easy as pie. As a matter of fact, I am eating pie in this moment. Also, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, FINLAND, 95 YEARSS YOU GO GIRLL--.:!

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