Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry mono, chaps-

Such a nice Little Christmas were having, arent we? Not I. Because Im badly ill. I have the kissing disease, mononucleosis. Its probably just another phase of what I had 2 weeks ago, when I wrote about the fever, only this time, I have some beautiful tonsillitis to go with that fever. And swollen spleen, muscle tone, lack of appetite and an infected liver. It means I cant exercise, drink alcohol, be hit in the spleen area for risk of rupturing it, for a whole month. More, even if I wish to be extra careful.

If I exercise or work myself up, it is expected to be closely followed by a high fever. If I drink, my liver is expected to explode, or god knows what. Life, at this point, feels extremely bad.

But you know, 90% of adults carry the virus (Oh, and being a virus, antibiotics arent likely to help. At all.), so most of us will get it at some point in our lives. Its a little bit like Finnish conscription for men. Its something that everyone deals with at some point in their lives. For some, its worse, for some, its not even that bad. Some people only have a slightly sore throat, others get high fever and a ruined throat. Some people never knew they had it, and others carry it from birth, and have no symptoms whatsoever.

And for me, its bad. Right now, tonsillitis like a bitch. The swollenness of those things almost fill up the whole throat. I dare barely swallow for the pain. Ive a fever, and im sweating like a pig. My entire face hurts. My ears feel like theyre filled with shit, longing to burst from the pressure. Even opening my mouth hurts. My legs and arms feel heavy, like theyre made out of lead, and I barely sleep at night.

And Im taking penicillin for the throat. It doesnt help against mono, just the tonsillitis. Problem is, I can never swallow those things. Anyone who has ever taken penicillin knows, that it tastes like the devils arse. It is, by far, the nastiest taste ive ever experienced.

Oh, mononucleosis. Period of incubation can be up to 7 weeks, and symptoms may last well over a month if youre unlucky. The fatigue is expected to linger almost half a year. Its hell, im telling you. I dont wish it upon my worst enemy. Good thing for you people is, its not a very contageous virus. You have to be under rigorous exposure to catch it, and it mainly contracts through contact with saliva, hence kissing disease. If i would only feel up to it, I can go back to school and being with people without any risk of anyone catching it, luckily enough. But youre likely to catch it from one of your future girl- or boyfriends, there really is no way of avoiding it. All you can do is hope it wont be so bad for you. Please, do not fret over it. There are worse diseases out there, after all.


  1. Ouch.. I hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. good blog :) more info on the mono virus at if required


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