Thursday, September 27, 2012

maths-class-madness and guestises

 TODAY WHAT I HAVE TO SHOW YOU IS AN EXPLODING SKULL OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. It may be magical. It may be a strange rock formation. It may be some smoke formed as a skull. But thats all up to you guys, because the motive of abstract art is up to the beholder, and depends on how he interprets it. Even the artist himself may not know what the motive is, hence, abstract. Abstract as an english word means untangible, not palpable, not consisting of real or physical matter. For example feelings are abstract, while physical matter is not.

Yeah. Well. This isnt really all that abstract. Real pure abstract art often looks like complete turdshit, a clusterfuck of colours, formed in seemingly random but somehow interpretable forms. The winning point of abstract art is that its completely subjective, people interpret it differently, and see different things in it. What ive drawn is simply a normal drawing with some abstract elements.

Why did I draw this? I found a red pen. Fuck yes, I love this pen.

I actually drew it in my maths notebook. I always draw something on the cover pages, its quite nice. The texture of the cover paper is tougher and rougher, which makes it a nicer surface to draw on than the rest of the pages. And I actually have no sketching paper whatsoever at home, so yeah...

GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT THE OTHER DAY? My first ever Stabilo pen. I bought just one. It was black. Myeh. Most of the artistic fellows I know kinda grew up using Stabilo markers, but I never had any! So sad, so sad. I was never quite a fan of pens or  markers, though. My art throughout my life has kind of been dominated by graphite pencils, up until the point where I bought my drawing tablet.

I also bought myself a white covering marker, which is of epic use e.g. when adding highlights to coloured paper, or, which was my main incentive in buying the white marker, it can be used to add amazing contrast to watercolour paintings, which can create a quite dramatic result. Ive found quality white covering markers to be quite hard to find around here. Such a shame we dont have any local artists shops where I live, atleast not that I know of.


Below, you see the first painting, that isnt drawn by me, on my blog. Yeah. Yeah no, i didnt draw it. Wish I did though, my dear artist friend really nailed it with that... umbrella... and sun... and stuff... Yeah...

Its quite amazing, is it not? I quite admire the artist. Not just anyone makes it onto my blog (Though I would appreciate it if anyone actually asked..).

MIDDLE OF TEST WEEK. Thats my excuse for not having posted anything in what feels like one and a half eternities. Right back to playing videoga-... I MEAN STUDYING

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