Wednesday, September 12, 2012

mad carrots, seconds and porblems


Thats the kind of stuff I draw in order to purge myself of anger and bad mojo. You know, almost everything has been shit as crap the last few days. For one, my bike broke. Being the handyman that I am, I fixed it, but spare parts cost like a thousand bucks. Then the next day it turned out that I also have a punctured wheel. Yay. Pick apart this piece once again, I do.

While trying to "unlock" the lock on my spare bicycle though, I accidentally hit my earphones with a rock. Yep, they broke, and I was forced to buy another pair. Financial crisis for the win.

And I broke my coffee cup that I use in school (Its cheaper, and I get more coffee with my big cup.). Fucking bullshit, really. Had to go buy another one, then. I fall deeper into my economical situation of overspending. I get the most terrible angst when I spend money. Fk.

And I spent a couple hours extra in school yesterday, dressed up as a clown, filming for a movie project that we have to do for Media-class in the art programme. I guess that was pretty fun in its own way, I kinda just looked fucking ballsacks mad and scary. I think ill upload a picture of my ugly clown mug here in a few days.

More filming tomorrow, and then on friday im going to the dentists. Yay, what could be better? More suckiness for me. Atleast I get the day off school. It does mean I have to buy bus tickets for some one hundred billion euros, though. TOO MUCH OUTCOME TOO LITTLE INCOME


Today im am writing about an optical "illusion". What you need to do in order to experience this illusion is to, simply, throw a glance at a clock. Yeah, its that simple. Yeah, an optical illusion will manifest. But only for about a second, though. When you look over to the clock, youre going to see what time it is. Hour, minute, and, hopefully, seconds.

But the first second you witness will appear longer than every other, normal second. That is because, as your eyes move towards the clock (They dont move instantaneously, only very quickly.), all you see is a directional blur. When you move your eyes quickly, you see a blur. This blur is confusing to the brain, so the brain automatically makes you not remember this moment of blur, by replacing every memory of this blur with the memory of a the first clear thing you saw after it. (This also explains why you dont actually know exactly what that speedy blur looks like, when logically it should be as clearly blurred as every other image you see is clearly clear, if you know what im getting at.)

This means, that the time it took for you to move your eyes to the clock, from wherever they were before, is added to the time it will take between your eyes seeing what time it is and the point of time when the second-pointer moves. HENCE THE FIRST SECOND WILL BE LONGERRH. Again, basically, first second you see is as long as follows; 1 second - time already passed of this second + the time it took your eyes to readjust.

This means you could actually experience a second that is actually longer than a real second, with the precondition of you looking over at the clock exactly when a new second begins. Yeah. Pretty random shit. The phenomenon isnt obvious for everyone, all brains and eyes work at different speeds, and some people will experience this effect more keenly than others, but this is actually a real optical phenomenon. It does happen, even if you think it doesnt. This is how our brains work, more or less.


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