Wednesday, February 3, 2016

20% of my life

Today is a special day. It marks the fourth anniversary of one of my most adored projects. An undertaking that has collectively cost me hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work, and somehow rewarded me for every one of them. It has done more for me than I can express in words. When I look back, I'm filled with pride, wonder, and sometimes, shame. But that is the natural way of things. Embarrassment is a side-effect of progress.

I'm talking, of course, about this blog. Four years is a long time. A lot can and will happen in that time. And it's all here. My thoughts, my values, my art, the ups and the downs, it's all beautifully preserved here. I think that's wonderful. Even if this blog would never amount to anything tangible, it would still be important to me. Because, well, it is me! This blog is part of my identity, and my growth as a person.

I've composed a short list of entries that I really like and remember well (that are also so far back no one will read em unless I put them out there..). In no particular order:

the spectrum of happiness

endorphins and blogger stuff

with big spaghetti comes great confidence

Nostalgic egoboost

implications of life

None of them are among my most read entries, but I almost think they deserve to be. Well, to me, they just bring back memories. Drawing, writing past bedtime. Late evenings are what built this blog.

To you, my readers, I say only...


  1. Congratulations, dude!
    Time sure flies fast... It's great that you're eternalizing your thoughts, feelings, and general progress in life. It's fun for you to read your old stuff now already, but imagine what it'll be like in 50 years :O

    I actually remember all of those entries, and I'd agree that they're among the top of your good stuff :D

    (Also, you making this post reminded me that my 3 year anniversary for my own blog [which was obviously partly inspired by yours!] is just a week away. I think I know when I'm writing my next entry...)

    1. I hope this will still be around when I'm 50. Who knows, blogspot probably won't be. I'll have to make sure to make backups.

      I'm so happy to hear that I served as some sort of inspiration to you! That's the most important thing I ever dared hope to accomplish for others with this blog.


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