Wednesday, September 23, 2015



I edited clouds into the background. Because hey, why not?

I like to challenge myself. In a way. It excites me.

I really hate being forced to do something I'm bad at. I mean, we all do. It sucks. You just feel bad because, well, you're bad. This is all completely normal and all, you're supposed to feel good about being great or bad about being bad. That's how humans work. But why?

You do it so that one day, you can be good at something. Because talent is just the sexiest thing. In my last entry I wrote about what it means or doesn't mean to be beautiful, and this is it. Being impressively good at something is massively appealing. It's why the guy with the guitar gets all the ladies.

I've had all sorts of projects, because I like to get better at things.

This blog is a project. It's supposed to make me better at drawing and writing. It has also provided me with a platform on which to grow as a person.

My ukulele project is still a thing. I'm doing it and I'm slowly getting better. It doesn't really matter if I have a talent for it i.e. if progress in music comes easy, as long as I have enough time on my hands to one day get good at it anyway.

I draw. It's an eternal project. What more is there to say?

And I've recently joined a dance group. Because the thought of being good enough at dancing to really impress someone makes me really motivated to do that and get there. Maybe one day someone will admire me the way I've admired some other dancer. That's what it's about.

I won't ever be that guitar guy, but might one day get to be that uke-guy. Maybe people will miss the point, possibly they'll think ukuleles are a joke instrument. But maybe someone will recognize that I put in the work and dedicated myself to learn something new.

Perhaps some day, someone will read this blog, watch what I draw, with the same wonder and awe as I back when I used to watch painting timelapses on youtube.

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