Thursday, June 4, 2015

What ups in my life

Well, going back to what I wrote a couple entries back, I had great success in improving my matriculation exams this year. So great, in fact, that based on those new grades, I qualified for an education I had applied for at Aalto University in Helsinki, Southern Finland.

If my studies go as planned, in five years I will hold the academic title of Master of Science in Engineering, in Mechanical engineering specifically. Sounds pretty fancy, huh. In Swedish, that would be diplomingenj√∂r inom maskinteknik. (either that, or the same in Structural Engineering, but I probably won't have to choose between the two before my fourth year studying.) 

this is Rupert, by the way

So. Architecture is officially off the table. A new chapter of my life, in a new city, waits for me just around the bend that is this summer. I don't really know what to say. Vasa has been great to me. I think Aalto and Otnäs will be too. It's horribly exciting but a little bit scary at the same time, I guess. What kind of friends will I find there? Where will I live? What happens to my old friends?

Time will tell. But that's still a few months away. I don't have to uproot my entire life just yet.


  1. You got into Aalto? Awesome!
    Congratulations are in order, I'd assume ;)

  2. I guess so, yeah! Feels good.


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