Sunday, March 8, 2015

Women's day with GIFs!

Good International Women's Day!

Here are three GIFs that symbolize cooperation and working together!

(It's a high-five-thing!)

I especially like the Rubik's cube sequence. It's like they solved it by working together!

Hmm. I'll tell you guys a secret. None of these we're actually made with Women's day in mind. This is one of those do first, think later-things. Much like... uh. Most of what I produce, in fact. They're just a bunch of animations me and my girlfriend decided to make last week. But I like them and they really fit the theme! And I've heard you guys like it when the subject matches the pictures (I'm aware that 4 of my 5 total 'readers' don't actually read anything, just look at the pretty pictures.)!

You can kinda tell that it's not super thoughtful work. For one, my arm is wearing a bathrobe, and they're also really poorly looped. And the high-five one is out of focus. But otherwise, I really like them! The lighting is nice, and the white background works well. Fun to make, too. Stop-motion animating is really tedious to do alone, having a partner-in-animation really makes it interesting. The DIY remote shutter I wrote about a few entries back was also really handy.

In my timezone, International Women's day is almost over now. I was going to make a joke about instituting some sort of International Men's day, but it turns out that's already a thing. Until that day,  happy International Day for everyone and every gender!

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